Fragrances for End-of-Summer Home Scenting

Fragrances for End-of-Summer Home Scenting

As August draws to a close, it is hard to believe just how quickly the summer season has come and gone. Summer has brought us extended daylight hours and warm weather, as well as an opportunity for new memories, renewed energy, and fresh starts.

Although we will find ourselves preparing, yet again, for another seasonal transition - this time, from Summer to Fall come late September - we still have just enough time to squeeze out every last moment of this warmer time of the year, and to keep our favorite memories alive with the help and support of scent.

How to elevate your home with scent

A profound characteristic of scent is the incredible mental and physical effect it can have on the human body. In previous blog posts, we have shared that, of all the human senses, our sense of smell is by far the strongest and most sensitive - which explains why it is so crucial when it comes to the formation of our memories, behaviors, and moods.

Knowing this, perhaps the easiest and most sensible place for us to begin experimenting with scent is in our very own homes. If you read our interview with Art Director, Phil Cohen, you will know that fragrance plays a tremendous role in shaping ambiance and, therefore, how you carry yourself throughout the rest of the day.

Just as we adapt our wardrobes for the current season at hand, we should do the same for the fragrances that we diffuse throughout the year. Earlier this summer, our team compiled a list of our top five, most summer-friendly fragrance notesto spruce up your indoor space for the new season - from citrus to neroli, to sea salt, coconut, and mint. Your home is a haven and deserves to be elevated according to your personal taste - but whether you are new to home scenting, or are simply looking to switch up your routine, there are some fragrances that can help you round out your final moments of summer.

Diffuser oils to use at the end of the summer

If you, like us, are trying to hold on to that last little bit of the summer season, we have some fragrance recommendations that might just do the trick.

A day at the beach

What is summer without many hours spent frolicking and relaxing at the beach? Imagine the cool mist on your face as you stand by the jagged shoreline, taking in the sight of rippling waves and the feeling of the wind as it makes the hair on your head dance. The fine-grained sand overflows onto the tops of your feet, and a deep inhale captures the subtle but recognizable scent of sea salt. If you like the sound of juniper, pine, cedar, ocean water, and sea salt, you might just like our Cabin aroma oil

An adventure across international borders

A season for international travels, embrace the tropical sensation of your favorite summer beverage - be it a cooling pina colada, a refreshing pulp-filled orange juice, or a revitalizing coconut water. If you like the sound of coconut flakes, fresh bananas, zesty oranges, and cinnamon spice with a splash of vanilla bean and cedar wood, you might just like our CoconutSpice aroma oil

An intimate moment of passion

The warm summer season draws us to the outdoors, bringing opportunities for social activities and perhaps even an encounter with a new and special someone. All at once, an unforeseen summer fling brings bouts of excitement and feelings of surprise and delight, but also with the mystery and intrigue that comes with welcoming that person into your tight-knit social circle. If you like the sound of jasmine and saffron, fused with ambergris and cedar, you might just like our Love Affair aroma oil- a fragrance that is appropriate for all seasons, and will keep your home feeling sophisticated, playful, and airy.

A hike through the forest

Being amongst nature can be such a grounding experience, pushing the stresses and

fast-paced nature of city life to the background so you can revel in some fresh air and ‘you’ time. Amongst the tall timber trees, and the vast pointed mountains, the distractions of your digital devices are no more. Now, you can turn your attention to the simpler and more natural elements of life. If you like the sound of sandalwood, tea, leaves, ivy, cardamom, ginger, and citrus bergamot, you might just like our Fresh Air aroma oil.

Labor Day may be fast approaching, but with some intentional home scenting, right in the comfort of your living space, you too can hang on to the precious moments that summer has to offer. Recall that different diffusers use different technologies, and depending on your home scenting goals, you will want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your diffuser.

We have mentioned before that cold-air diffusers are especially exceptional at imparting a transformative effect on the human mind and body. This is because they break down and release oils into the atmosphere in their very pure and undiluted form, meaning you get to reap the rewards of a prolonged therapeutic experience and a more fragrant environment.

Perhaps your ideal summer experience involves a lavish pool party, accompanied by admittedly catchy popular tunes. Or maybe you would rather a few hours of solitude to explore and get lost amongst nature. The fragrance options are endless when it comes to bringing the ambiance of

summer - whatever that might mean for you - into your home. So make sure that while you are being intentional with the fragrances you are selecting, you are also using the diffuser that is most appropriate for you. In doing so, it might just mean that, for you, the summer season never has to end.

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