Upgrading Your Diffuser

Upgrading Your Diffuser

As we find ourselves spending more time at home, it’s never been more important to customize our surroundings in order to create your own perfect place of comfort and enjoyment. Aromas have long been used as easy and pleasant way to create an atmosphere tailored to your tastes and needs. However, home scenting has drastically improved in recent years, with new technology providing much more control over home ambiance than traditional diffusion techniques. With options for diffuser styles and formats ever increasing, it can become overwhelming to select the right diffuser and to know when it is time to upgrade your diffuser to better suit evolving needs.

Traditional diffusers

Methods for home scenting have evolved over time from ancient techniques. Reed diffusers use wooden sticks, or reeds, placed in a bowl of scented liquid. As the liquid travels up the reed the scent is released into the air once it reaches the top. Similarly, terra cotta bottles or pots are filled with water and essential oils and then corked. Scent disperses when the oil permeates the clay and slowly releases into the air. One problem with both these methods is that the scent is strongest immediately after the oils are placed in the pot or bowl and then fades over time. Meaning, these may be appropriate options for small spaces, such as a powder room, as the scent is isolated to the small surrounding space.

Heat has historically been used as a scent diffusion method. Oil is placed in a saucer which is then heated up to the point of the oil’s evaporation into the air. The heat source may be a candle or, in a more modern application, electricity. When using heat diffusion, caution must be exercised as the saucer becomes hot to the touch and in the case of a candle an open flame must be monitored. Heat can alter the chemistry of the essential oils, changing or degrading the aromatic and therapeutic properties. This has the potential to spread impure compounds throughout your space.

The most commonly seen diffusion method is ultrasonic diffusion, or water diffusion. An ultrasonic diffuser holds a pot of water to which you add essential oils. Ultrasonic waves diffuse the water and produce a small mist, carrying the oil into the room. This style is best for one room and has some humidifying benefits due to the mist production. Ultrasonic diffusers typically have little manual control for intensity and scheduling and must be cleaned after each use to avoid oil build up that can affect the sensors used to help the diffuser function well.

Nebulizing Diffuesr

When to look for a new diffuser

It’s time to seek out new solutions for home scenting when you realize you are overpowered by the aromas or can’t notice the scenting in your home at all. You might find that the ambient scenting is inconsistent throughout the day, at times too much and at times not noticeable. Similarly, you might see that the scent is not dispersing throughout a room correctly, with some areas smelling too strong and some too soft. If you’re displeased with the consistency and level of aromas in your home, it’s time to upgrade your diffuser.

Technological advancements in diffusion

Nebulizing diffusers, or cold-air diffusers, are the simplest and most effective technology for home scenting. A nebulizing diffuser brings the natural benefits of oils into your home by breaking down the oil into separate molecules for maximum movement throughout the room or rooms. An ultra-fine particulate mist lingers in the air for hours in its most intact and complete form. These diffusers don’t require water or heat, which means the chemistry of the oils is not disturbed. They are easier to use and maintain without added effort. If you find yourself desiring consistent home scenting without the added burden of remembering to turn on a diffuser each time you arrive home, a nebulizing diffuser can offer the advanced technology required for a ‘set it and forget it’ approach.

Single room scenting and whole home scenting

A nebulizing diffuser offers greater customization than other methods of diffusion, including the ability to control aromatic intensity, scheduling, and duration. All of these benefits are seen in the single room models and also in nebulizing diffusers that attach to and interact with your HVAC system. Diffusers intended for single room use are more discreet and streamlined, designed to complement your home décor. They will cover one space consistently and at your discretion of scheduling. If you seek the benefit of scent throughout your whole home, our nebulizing diffusers can work within your HVAC system to move the aroma throughout every room. Because they are so customizable, our HVAC diffusers can cover any size of space, no matter how large, without reducing the desired intensity of scent.

When selecting which model is best for you and your home there are a few things to consider such as the size of the space you’d like to scent. Those living in an apartment may be pleased with a more compact version like the AroMini, which takes up less space and won’t overpower a room.

If you’re living in a larger house or scenting a large office space, you have more options to consider. Do you prefer to tailor the scents to each room and its uses? For example, perhaps you love the aroma of lavender within the bedroom but want the fresh zest of citrus to welcome you in the kitchen. If you desire to take this individualized approach, a single room diffuser for each room would achieve your desired outcome.

Some people who host often – or just enjoy the luxury of a personalized home scent – prefer to have their whole home scented consistently in the spirit of a welcoming hotel lobby. An HVAC diffuser would provide that consistency throughout the home, helping to eliminate the variety of undesirable scents that pop up in a busy household. In addition, the ease of setting up only one system is a benefit to an HVAC diffuser. The AromaPro provides whole-home or business coverage of up to 4,000 square feet, while the Air Stream Duo can cover up to 15,000 square feet of extra-large spaces with multiple zones.

Benefits of nebulizing diffusers

Home scenting has progressed greatly with the advancement of nebulizing diffusers. New technology now allows you to customize the experience based on your individual needs, adding to your ability to control a smart home. The addition of a nebulizing diffuser system can bring undiluted fresh scents consistently throughout your spaces in a fully controllable experience.

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