Cold Air Diffusion Technology

What Is Cold-Air Scent Diffusion Technology?

Cold air diffusion technology (nebulizing technology) is safest and cleanest way to diffuse your 100% Pure Essential and Aroma oils to get the most out of them. Instead of using heat, a fan, or evaporation, AromaTech's scent machines use filtered air from your room to diffuse fragrances into an ultra-dry micro mist. This allows you to experience the full olfactive fragrance of the scent and receive the maximum therapeutic benefits of your oils without diluting them in water, alcohol, solvent, or using heat.

There are several reasons why cold-air diffusion technology is the best way to diffuse 100% essential oils and home fragrances. Not only does cold-air diffusion preserves the therapeutic power in your oils, but it also uses less oil while scenting small or large areas of your home or business. Unlike ultrasonic diffusers that evaporate the essential oils, require water dilution, and/or heat; cold-air diffusers simply use oil and cold air. AromaTech's technology ensures that there is no damage to the essential oils’ properties and creates a longer lasting and consistent scent.

How Does It Work?

The oil is diffused through nebulization, a process that breaks down essential oil into a very fine dry mist without leaving any residue. The oil is then diffused through the diffuser core using air in your space. An internal air filter ensures that no foreign particles or dust interrupt the diffusion process. The result, is a subtle and consistent scented environment.

AromaTech home fragrance diffusers use internal intensity controls to allow users to be in total and full control through out the entire scent diffusion process. Make it as subtle or as strong as you want, the choice is yours.

Our Cold Air Diffusers.

All of AromaTech’s scent machines are designed for aesthetics as well as proficiency. We use patented nebulizing technology, which preserves the integrity of 100% essential and aroma oils. This allows you to get the most olfactive and therapeutic benefits from your oils. These revolutionary home fragrance diffusers release scent in the form of micro-mist to ensure precise diffusion that is long-lasting, pure, and high quality.

AromaTech™ home diffusers are available in several beautiful designs to compliment your home. We also offer wall-mount diffusers with the option to easily connect to your home HVAC system. Many of our scent diffuser designs are equipped with an LCD control panel that allows you to easily set the intensity of the fragrance output as well as “hours of operation”.

Start your day with the fresh and zesty scent of Bergamot Orange or go to sleep to our White Tea and Bamboo aroma oil. Whichever way you want to go about your day, our home diffusers will provide you with the most flexibly, more convenience, and healthier, happier air.