Scent Diffusers

When you purchase top-quality essential and aroma oils to diffuse in your business, you want to make sure you choose the right scent machine to use with them. Quality matters when it comes to diffusers. For example, some diffusers release aromas only into a small area that you (and your customers) won’t notice unless you are within a few feet; others lack the power to diffuse the oils properly. Still, others are poorly made and break down quickly. Our promise: AromaTech diffusers are different.


The AromaTech difference

At AromaTech, our diffusers will never disappoint you or leave you wishing you’d chosen differently. We use only the best materials and techniques when we design our commercial diffusers. Our diffusers use special nebulizing technology to break your essential and aroma oils down into a superfine, dry mist that is dispersed throughout your space, scenting the air pleasantly and consistently for hours. These scent machines are designed to work together seamlessly with AromaTech essential and aroma oils to help you create the scented environment you want for your customers and employees to enjoy.


Nebulizing technology

When you’re looking for an essential oil diffuser for your business, you have many options. However, only cold-air nebulizing scent machines can diffuse concentrated scent throughout large spaces without compromising the chemical integrity of the oil. These diffusers create a very fine, dry mist that requires no dilution and no heat and won’t leave behind any residue. If you want the purest and best possible scenting experience, choose a nebulizing diffuser for the best results.


Small, medium, or large space? We’ve got you covered

AromaTech diffusers are versatile and stylish, suiting any décor and operating quietly and discreetly. We have the perfect option for any size business, whether you need to scent a tiny office or a large retail store – or something in between. We also have diffusers you can connect to your HVAC system for the ultimate in consistent scenting and convenience.