Scents for the Fall Season

Scents for the Fall Season

The autumn season is known for its distinctive scents that recall falling leaves, crisp air, and the fall harvest. To start the season, we’ve highlighted our top four scents to highlight the vibrant beauty of fall. These rich, evocative scents will fill your space with an enchanting autumnal ambiance.


Warm, Comforting Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice naturally includes the warm scent of soft pumpkin, as well as key notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, adding complexity to the blend. Hints of vanilla and cream round out this decadent fragrance, which is subtly sweet, making it the perfect complement to the changing leaves and crisp fall air. It will instantly fill the space with the scent of home baking. 

Floral, Woody Casmir

Casmir embodies the essence of a late summer garden, with key notes of frangipani, sandalwood and musk. The softer tones of vanilla, geranium, and fresh rice balance out this timeless, earthy fragrance. Casmir appeals year round but feels particularly fall appropriate. Add this fragrance to your scent diffuser to turn any space into a relaxing zen-like retreat. 

Attend the Grand Ball

Rich and opulent, The Grand Ball transforms any night at home into a glamorous affair. Key notes include rose, orris leather, tonka bean and sandalwood. Luxurious, glamorous and sophisticated, The Grand Ball balances the sweetness of rose with pungency of aged leather and wood. It’s a perfect fall fragrance, building anticipation of the joyous holiday celebrations yet to come.  

Embark on a Love Affair

They always say opposites attract, and AromaTech’s Love Affair fragrance harmonizes heavy base notes, such as cedar and ambergris, with the airy top notes of jasmine and saffron. This heady blend is sweet yet bold, evoking the feeling of a great love affair, of stolen kisses beneath a bright canopy of fall leaves. Fill your home with a sensuous fragrance that makes you feel ready to fall again and again. 

The evocative nature of scent can conjure up thousands of feelings—longing, comfort, lust, coziness, anticipation—just as the changing of the seasons can spark a memory that might otherwise lay dormant throughout the rest of the year. A scent can take you on an autumn adventure, from a stroll through Central Park, to relaxing in a zen garden, to falling in love in the crisp fall air. This fall, where would you like to go?

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