Creating The Cities Collection

An Idea Transformed Into A Work Of Art

We took the concept of transporting you to a place through a distinctive scent and combined it with a journey around the world.


We are thrilled to share with you this luxurious collection of fragrances. Experience the world with us.


Rose • Oudh • Patchouli • Incense • Musk
Escaping the scorching desert heat, I found myself wandering down the glimmering hallways of the world's grandest shopping center. I was immediately refreshed by the cool indoor atmosphere and paused to take a deep breath. The aroma of Bakhoor incense lingered in the air as I admired the magnificent building surrounding me. A state of the art, extravagant and exotic city; preserving distinctive traditions while welcoming the new. The fragrance of jammy red roses wafted over me as I passed by elegant Arabic women dressed in black abayas. Their husbands contrasting in white dishdashas. The scent of their dark wood smoking oudhs drifted into the atmosphere. Admiratio
The Nose Behind It All: Meet Ryan

The Nose Behind It All: Meet Ryan

When I was a young boy I remember my Grandfather getting ready early every morning for work. Shaving foam, Brylcreem, and splash on cologne in the form of Dior Eau Sauvage. Smelling those grooming items almost over 30 years later will bring me right back to standing outside the bathroom doorway watching him with love and wonder while he completed his daily routine. This was my earliest memory of falling in love with fragrances.