The AromaTech System

The AromaTech System


At AromaTech, we believe deeply in the concept of systems thinking—the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our diffusers, scent oils and cleaning solution are designed to work together to produce the most effortless and enjoyable experience.

Read on to learn more about the three components that make up our system.

01 The cold-air diffuser

Every system starts with the right diffuser. We use a patented cold-air technology that turns scent oils into an ultrafine dry mist without heat or water, dispersing fragrances with no dilution. As a result, our diffusers can cover larger areas and deliver much more consistent scenting. This innovative technology also eliminates the annoyances associated with traditional diffusion: no bubbling sounds, no clouds of vapor, and absolutely no residue left behind. Just pure scent. 

Equally important, your diffuser needs to fit seamlessly into your life. Our smart devices have an elegant, design-driven aesthetic to suit any decor, plus the option to set a schedule and control the scent intensity from an app. 

02 The scent oils

We use the time-honed techniques of master perfumers to translate inspiration into evocative scents. With over 40 exclusive fragrances in our collection, there’s a match for every mood and occasion: relaxing to energizing, day to night, winter to summer. 

Each of our diffuser oils is formulated with a specific viscosity that’s optimal for the cold-air technology in our diffusers—which is why we don’t recommend using any other oils in our machines. Free of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic colors and other harmful additives, our scents are safe for the entire family. 

03 The cleaning solution

Our bespoke cleaning solution makes it easy to switch your scent on a whim, allowing you to use fragrance to create a mood, just as you use lighting, decor and music. 

Best of all, a quick flush of cleaning solution through your diffuser is the only maintenance required. Since our cold-air diffusers don’t require any water, there’s no need for refills and no risk of mold.

A complete system

The AromaTech system of diffusers, scents and cleaner is the easiest, safest way to bring fragrance into your home. 

Ready to create your system? Get started by choosing the diffuser that’s right for you. 

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