How do you bottle the delicate freshness of a spring garden? With the Garden, our goal was to create a sophisticated floral to set the stage for spring and summer get-togethers.

Below, the story behind this lush white floral that's entirely modern.

The concept 

We wanted to celebrate the arrival of warm weather with a truly elegant floral - one that avoided any hint of cloying sweetness. As inspiration, we went back to some of the most iconic scents from the '80s, which were built around lily of the valley, gardenia and tuberose. We considered how to capture the spirit of those big white florals, while bringing in a new sophistication that speaks to the current moment. 

The composition

A balanced blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and hyacinth lie at the heart of this scent, while fresh-cut stems merge with white lilies to produce a tuberose note that's both voluptuous and creamy. At the base, tonka bean and a restrained use of musk provide an anchor of depth and calm. Layered and complex, the formulation as a whole evokes a lush flower garden of extreme elegance and calm. 

The occasion 

Fresh and welcoming, The Garden is the finishing touch on a clean home. It's ideal for low-key entertaining (think: Sunday brunch or afternoon tea) and makes a stunning gift in lieu of a bouquet. 

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