Inspired by the social spirit of summer, the fragrances in our Cocktail Collection are a refreshing seasonal update to your home—and the finishing touch for occasions of all kinds. Here, we spotlight on Juniper Tonic, a resolutely sophisticated scent that captures the botanical freshness of a well-crafted gin and tonic.

The concept

From the start, we knew we wanted a gin and tonic–inspired scent to be part of this collection. Equal parts classic and modern, gin and tonics are cooling, light and appeal to both men and women—all qualities we love in a scent for the home. The challenge, we knew, would be how to capture the drink’s delicate balance of effervescence, aromatics and citrus.

The composition

Carefully selected aromatics—juniper berry, armoise, rosemary and fir balsam—bring the gin effect to life, while amber, patchouli and vetiver add a hint of bitterness to conjure the aftertaste of a craft tonic water. Notes of bergamot, lemon and bright lavender make every inhale as exciting as the first.

The occasion

This fragrance will bring a sense of cool—both literal and figurative—to any cocktail party. Its subtlety makes it an ideal pairing for dinner, as it will complement rather than overpower whatever you’re serving.

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