Journeys by fragrance

Journeys by fragrance

It’s well-known that of all our senses, olfaction—or smell—is most closely tied to memory. It’s why the whiff of a particular dish makes you homesick; why the trace of an ex-lover’s perfume or cologne stirs a complicated mix of emotions; and why the aromas of certain varieties of resinous incense sends you straight back to catechism. 

Of course, this also means scent is often a highly emotive sense, too, with the ability to conjure powerful memories, or project potent imagined scenes. Perfumers know this, and draw on the established link between olfaction and emotion to produce fragrances that elicit a strong response in wearers—or, in the case of home fragrance, those who diffuse them. 

The transportive power of scent

If certain aromas prompt us to revisit memories, it follows that they can also be used as a means of (figurative) transport, carrying us to sites of nostalgia, moments of joy, or across the threshold of a daydream. When it comes to home fragrance, this allows us to reimagine and reinvigorate environments according to mood, time of day, and preferred aromatic profile.

What’s in a name?

Just as its name hints, Santal Escape recalls a desert-island dream: soft green florals, a salty sea breeze, waves crashing against cliffs, warm sand underfoot, and driftwood washed ashore. In developing the scent, our team sought to capture the sensations of a lush coastal paradise, allowing the wild, tranquil scene to be evoked anywhere, at any time, via scent diffusion, creating a grounding yet alluring atmosphere. 

Equal parts calming and invigorating, Santal Escape soothes busy minds—an invitation to an island reverie, and a moment’s respite from the hum of the everyday. 

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