Welcome crisp mornings and changing leaves with our Autumn Collection—four sophisticated gourmand scents crafted for cooler weather.

These food-inspired fragrances find inspiration in a wide range of ingredients, from chocolate and almonds to spices and fruit. Each is exceptionally inviting and utterly delectable.

​​Black Fig & Tonka

This luscious new scent makes a comforting backdrop for cozy evenings and relaxed weekends. Sun-drenched fig brings a juicy sweetness, while tonka bean offers warmth and richness, as well as a creamy quality reminiscent of vanilla and coconut.

Key notes:  Ripe Fig, Tonka Bean, Toasted Coconut

Pumpkin Spice

Dancing with hints of sweet vanilla and cream, this seasonal favorite blends cinnamon, nutmeg and clove to deliver a spicy warmth. It’s a mouthwatering concoction best enjoyed with a warm drink and a throw blanket.

Key notes: Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Bourbon

Create an environment of comfort and calm with this rustic-yet-refined fragrance. Its harmonious layers of vanilla and oak-infused bourbon are set off by a dark amber finish.

Key notes: Vanilla Bean, Bourbon, Oak Barrel

Ganache & Almond Cream

Chocolate and coffee will draw you in, while notes of sandalwood and Irish cream liqueur at the heart of this scent create a mood of indulgence. The smooth, velvety result is ideal for baths, sipping wine and other sensory pleasures.

Key notes: Dark Chocolate, Coffee Bean, Toasted Almond

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