Scenting Nightclubs & Bars

Improve guest experience through scent marketing

To create a fresh environment, AromaTech uses perfume quality aroma oils and 100% pure essential oil blends that contain anti-bacterial properties that assist in cleansing the air and removing odors such as smoke, food, alcohol, and body odors. It makes sense to raise the stakes at your venue through a natural and distinguishable scent that refreshes the air and improves the experience for patrons.

Scent marketing is widely used in the entertainment industry not only to fight various malodors that tend to linger but also to enhance mood, evoke emotions and increase drop ratio in casinos. Various scent related studies have shown that casino patrons have spent on average 45% more money in areas that were scented.It is also suggested that Peppermint suppresses appetite, while Bergamot Orange creates a fresh and vibrant environment in bars, nightclubs, and casinos.

Diffusing the scent of Bergamot Orange in Gaming areas delivers a pleasant, relaxing aroma to offset the bustling atmosphere of a gaming venue. In an environment where the senses of sight and sound are heightened, scent diffusion offers a nice balance to the room and improves the guest experience.

Long lasting and memorable stay that is unique

Capture the power of smell to build the emotional connection with your guests that you always wanted one that communicates your unique style, enhances your environment and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

AromaTech offers solutions to fit your needs. For small areas, AromaPro’s versatility and sleekness will add new dimensions to your lobby. If discrete aroma diffusion is important, you may choose to scent through HVAC (AC ventilation system) to cover larger public areas such as guest corridors or atrium style lobbies.

AromaPro offers an ideal solution to implement scent branding in retail stores from small to medium size. It’s elegant and sleek design will suit any decor,allowing you to enhance your brand and create the desired mood.

Benefits of Scenting

The human sense of smell affects 75% of daily emotions and plays a significant role in memory

Choose a signature scent for your hotel to stand out and make your loyal guests stay more memorable.

The sense of smell works 24 hours a day and is the one human sense that cannot be ‘switched off.’

Scenting can enhance positive factors of sensuality, stimulation, relaxation, and happiness.

Offer your guests a souvenir to take home with your hotels Signature Scent