Scenting Hotels and Casinos

Let your guests leave with a positive and lasting impression.

Do you inspire loyalty among your guests and repeatedly exceed their expectations?

When you are away from home, it’s the little things that make a difference. Every element of the guest experience counts. From the carefully selected decor in your lobby and rooms, to the restaurant, the spa, and the gym; the use of scent creates a memorable experience every time, even after your guest’s stay is over.

The intimate relationship between memory and smell indeed exists, so it makes sense to implement scenting to bring back those fantastic memories of your guests stay.

Scenting is highly effective, where other sensory triggers, such as lighting, sound, and luxurious surroundings combine to create the desired mood.

The anti-bacterial properties of 100% essential oils make it the ideal solution for spa, sauna, and spa specialties treatments, while high-quality aroma oil blends diffused in the lobby or guest corridors create a comfortable and warm home like feel.

Long lasting and memorable stay that is unique

Capture the power of smell to build the emotional connection with your guests that you always wanted one that communicates your unique style, enhances your environment and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

AromaTech offers solutions to fit your needs. For small areas, AromaPro’s versatility and sleekness will add new dimensions to your lobby. If discrete aroma diffusion is important, you may choose to scent through HVAC (AC ventilation system) to cover larger public areas such as guest corridors or atrium style lobbies.

Benefits of Scenting

The human sense of smell affects 75% of daily emotions and plays a signifi- cant role in memory
Choose a signature scent for your hotel to stand out and make your loyal guests stay more memorable.
The sense of smell works 24 hours a day and is the one human sense that cannot be ‘switched off.’
Scenting can enhance positive factors of sensuality, stimulation, relaxation, and happiness.
Offer your guests a souvenir to take home with your hotels Signature Scent