Scenting Gyms and Spas

Gyms and Wellness Facilities Scenting

Consumers worldwide are looking more and more for added value and the fitness industry doesn’t escape this trend. Gym & fitness club members are expecting more out of their membership than just state-of-the-art equipment and a wide variety of classes. Gain an edge over your competition by diffusing subtle scents through your gym to create a healthy and rejuvenated environment.

Training for most has become a lifestyle and a gym a place where one can submerge and focus on their well-being, confidence, and inner strength. Fitness clubs are largely responsible for maintaining that frame of mind by providing excellent facilities and most importantly a healthy and clean environment. Scenting will help you achieve just that. By diffusing 100% essential oils through a scent machine, you can be assured that airborne bacterias, viruses, and moulds will be eliminated.

Rejuvenate through scent

Create an energizing and rejuvenating atmosphere for fitness lovers through ambient scenting that will keep them strong and healthy during their vigorous and excruciating workouts. Diffuse subtle and enticing aromas in your reception area to create the first and last impression through one of AromaTech’s portable scent machines, the AromaPro or choose AirStream HVAC (scenting through air conditioning ventilation) for discrete scenting of cardio and work out areas and steam rooms.

Provide steam room and sauna users with a cleansing, anti-bacterial and re-energizing experience by picking one of the many refreshing 100% essential oils or perfume quality aroma oil blends.

Benefits of Scenting

Essential oils can both motivate, increase concentration or relax gym members and spa patrons. Scenting with eucalyptus in steam rooms will support respiratory system and combat effects of flu and cold. Clean the air in your change rooms by scenting and you will get an edge over your competition.