When you’re designing or decorating your home, you go to great lengths to cover all the details and make sure that you put your personal stamp on your private space. However, most people tend to put all the emphasis on the visual experience. If you overlook the powerful sensory pleasure that is home scenting, you’re neglecting a key detail that can take the feel of your home to the next level.

Scent and emotion are closely related scent has the power to influence mood, evoke memories, and even impact stress levels. Anyone who has ever walked into a place after many years and instantly recognized the smell knows this is true. You can use this knowledge to create the perfect atmosphere for you in your home. A beautifully-scented home not only makes you feel good but also makes your guests feel good too.

Choosing a signature scent is a highly personal process. You have an opportunity to express your individuality and share your memories, feelings, and the things you find pleasurable with the people closest to you.

Choosing a scent

Think about the base aromas you tend to gravitate toward when selecting a perfume – these will likely be the same ones you’ll like in a scent for your home. You probably have a basic idea already; for example, you probably know whether you prefer citrusy or floral scents or whether you love or hate patchouli (most people tend to do one or the other!). Use what you already know about your preferences as a starting point.

Also, consider whether you’d like to achieve any particular goal with your scent – would you like one that calms, energizes, rejuvenates, or helps you focus? Specific scents are known to elicit certain responses. For example, cinnamon is a great pick-me-up; lavender is great for relaxation and stress relief. Fresh-cut grass is a natural scent that reminds us of sunny summer afternoons while zesty ginger can uplift your mood. Mint and pine are clean, fresh scents that can ease tension and promote feelings of happiness. Vanilla is soothing and warm; jasmine and rose are romantic. There’s no one right answer – give some thought to what you enjoy and go from there.

Custom scents by AromaTech

At AromaTech, we create signature scents for customers like you – discerning individuals who know what they like and wish to enjoy the benefits of ambient scenting in the comfort of your own home. When we create a signature scent for you, we’ll work closely with you from start to finish to ensure that we come up with exactly what you want, ensuring that you are thrilled with the final product.

Each signature scent we create is one-of-a-kind, made of the finest materials including pure essential oils and exquisite aromas. From dreaming to designing to delivering, we can connect you with a unique and beautiful scent for you to enjoy all the time.

If you are interested in developing your own signature scent, contact AromaTech today and let us help. With extensive experience, the technology and know-how we need to create bespoke aromas for individuals, we can provide you with a custom scent you’ll fall head over heels in love with.