Reasons to Take Advantage of Our Extended Diffuser Warranties

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably put a fair bit of consideration into your AromaTech diffuser purchase. While all our scenting machines are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, there is always the off chance that something could go wrong. In those instances, it helps to have a little extra protection for your valuable investment in at-home comfort.

Choosing the Right Extended Warranty for Your Device

Our most popular scenting diffusers all come with their very own extended one-year warranty program, which covers most things that could potentially go wrong with your machine. This form of extra care coverage is in addition to the one-year warranty that all AromaTech products come with standard and is one way you can have greater peace of mind when you purchase your diffuser. Should you experience any issues with your machine, all you will have to do is give our support team a call so that we can assist you, and if necessary provide you with a new diffuser while protected by your extended warranty. Each comprehensive extended warranty program is priced at a fantastic value to ensure you get the most out of your money and can rest assured knowing you’re covered in the event of a mechanical issue or accident.

How We’re Here to Help

Apart from providing the option to purchase an extended warranty to safeguard your machine, we also offer comprehensive support for all our customers. For more common troubleshooting or operating issues, we also have several instructional how-to videos that address some of the more common questions that people tend to have, such as how to clean or refill their particular diffuser. If you cannot find the answer to your problem through our site, feel free to contact us or submit a ticket online so that we can assist you as soon as possible.