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Create a Truly Relaxing Home Atmosphere with Earthy Aroma Oils

Aroma oils made from the world’s finest ingredients and essential oils can not only boost your comfort at home but also help relieve stress and anxiety as well as improve concentration. Our range of ‘Earthy’ scents can give your wellbeing a boost. We’ve scoured the globe in search for the most soothing, fresh, and stimulating essential oils to provide you with scents that are unrivalled in quality, allowing you to sense a touch of luxury every time you enter your home. Whether you’re trying to create a tranquil setting for guests or treat yourself to an aroma that will tickle your senses while complementing your surroundings, our Earthy aroma oils won’t let you down.

Which Aromatech Earthy Scent Is Right for You?

If you want to escape to the Northern Wood Lands with the smell of invigorating crescendo pine, our Winter Pine aroma oil, which also has hints of cedar wood and bark, is the perfect scent for you. If you’d prefer to create a more tropical and lush environment in your home, then our Bamboo aroma oil, perfectly blended with the finest sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, and white rose, won’t fail to drift you away into a state of bliss. Whichever of our blends takes your fancy; you’ll be glad to know that they’re suitable for vegans and free of any artificial additives and harmful chemicals, ensuring they’re safe for the entire family.

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From Lavender Forest and Fresh Cut Grass to Spiced Wood and Bamboo, our range of Earthy essential oils guarantee to boost your comfort, help you unwind and give you a sense of well-deserved luxury after a busy day. In addition to our Earthy range of aroma oils, we also create Delicious, Floral, Fruity and Fresh blends. Peruse our product selection to find something that’s right for the home you want to create.