100 Percent Pure Essential Oils from Aromatech

While essential oils have been used around the world for thousands of years, it’s a fact that not all oils available on the market these days are made the same or have the same levels of purity. To get the most out of your scenting oils, it pays to ensure you are using products made from only the highest quality natural and raw ingredients, without any additives such as parabens or phthalates. At Aromatech, you’ll find only 100 percent pure, highly concentrated essential oils all across the scenting spectrum—from invigorating aromas such as ginger to the pleasant and soothing notes provided by lavender.

Cold-Pressed to Preserve the Most Delicate Scents

Essential oils are derived from various parts of a particular plant and may be extracted from the roots, leaves, fruit, or other parts. Through the process of cold-pressing, these oils are expressed, or separated from the rest of the plant using centrifugal force. Plant material is punctured and spun at high speeds to release the oils, which are then collected and bottled in their purest form. While other methods use steam to separate the oils, cold-pressing is a superior method that best preserves the integrity of each scent, making them more potent and complex.

Getting the Most Out of Your Pure Essential Oils

Each 100 percent pure, cold-pressed scenting oil can be used with any one of our high-quality, state-of-the-art diffusers or HVAC scent machines. Our diffusers use a cold-air diffusion process, which similar to the cold-pressing method helps to preserve full-bodied aromas best while distributing it around your home, office, car or anywhere else you choose to scent. By pairing your favorite Aromatech scents with the diffuser that best fits your environment, you will be able to enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits these oils can provide whenever you want and rest easy knowing you’re breathing in only the purest aromas that nature can offer.