Scenting Through the Winter’s Clutter-Filled Time Crunch

Scenting Through the Winter’s Clutter-Filled Time Crunch

Wishlists, movie marathons, travel plans, family dinners, football, hockey, end-of-year car events, and pumpkin spice everything everywhere you look, yep winter is upon us. Arriving faster with each passing calendar, it seems we hardly get the kids back in school before it’s time to start the season’s planning. Next thing you know the days are shorter and it seems like midnight when it’s only 7 pm.

Tired, pressed for time and battling seasonal colds and flu winter can be miserable. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, previously Seasonal Depression) was coined to categorize people who routinely experience a mood slump during winter months. While you can’t control the planet’s rotation, you can support your body’s passage through winter with aromatherapy. More than pleasurable fragrance, implemented strategically, AromaTech’s pure essential oils and all-natural aroma oil blends scent your personal space for optimal physio-psychological wellness. Thoughtful implementation can help guide you through winter’s wide-ranging challenges. 

Escaping Holiday Burn-Out

Something happens between the advent of pumpkin spice mania and arriving at this year’s New Year’s Eve bash. Even without binging on holiday cookies, movies, parties, and activities, our senses reach holiday burn-out. That’s because our noses have been smothered in a rotation of classic holiday ambient smells for three months – a quarter year.

No matter how invested in yuletide spirit, over-exposure becomes overwhelming –, especially to the nose. Our most powerful and finely-tuned sense, most sensory information obtained through smell is processed and stored subconsciously. It doesn’t take much to trigger a memory, be reminded of a friend, or be overcome with emotion. Therefore, when the sense is overwhelmed, we naturally look for relief – often by withdrawing from the stimulus.

We’re conditioned to equate holiday scenting with winter and are thus drawn to commercially-driven seasonal hallmarks such as pumpkin spice, gingerbread, and pine tree. Be a maverick. Choose scents based on your preferences regardless of the season. If you love Pure Sunshine, but associate it with summer, don’t shy away, enjoy your preferred scent. The brain is boosted by positive sensory input and doesn’t care what commercialized ritual the calendar has us engaged.

With strategic scenting’s growing prevalence in retail space, traditional seasonal scents grow tired quickly, nonetheless. One can only take so much pumpkin spice, pine tree, and gingerbread houses. If you’re feeling this way, it’s likely your family and guests are too. Do everyone a favor by getting creative with your winter scents. Vanilla Bourbon, for example, is warm and rustic with a touch of sweet. Its complex, warm notes prove inviting and compelling.

We spend so much time preparing for the holidays it’s easy to forget that winter extends two months past the holiday festivities. Apple Pie is a great segway from the harvest pie varieties that hallmark holidays indulge. It’s a familiar sweet that ties into the season and environment, but just different enough to perk up the nose. Both can be found in our Warm and Welcoming bundle along with Dark Vanilla and Fresh Brewed Coffee.

Beating the Short Day Drag

Speaking of, Fresh Brewed Coffee may be the answer to the biggest winter-time woe—adjusting to shorter days. A late dawn and an early sunset make for extended darkness and perpetual fatigue. We 

don’t want to get up in the morning because it’s dark, and then when it gets dark at 6 pm, it feels like 10, and we’re ready for bed. No amount of logic will circumvent this physiological process. We’re programed to be active during the day and sleep at night. When it gets dark early, our bodies start to release melatonin, and we get sleepy.

Few of us can shift our schedules to accommodate our body’s natural inclination. Rather we play tricks and take supplements to keep going. While caffeine may be your friend at day’s beginning, loading up on coffee stimulates the circulatory system and can keep us awake longer than necessary. The entire sleep cycle is knocked out of sync causing grogginess and grumpiness. Fresh Brewed Coffee, however, is a decaffeinated alternative. You may not be ingesting the caffeine, but because your body is already programed to perk up from coffee, its suggestion is enough to give the senses a boost.

We have a range of aroma oils designed to focus one’s energy by brightening the sense. Pure Energy is a crisp, fresh blend of citrus, amber, and woods. Breathe Easy, a 100% pure essential oil blend, is best when feeling mentally cloudy or suffering nasal and chest congestion. It mixes peppermint, spearmint, anise, and eucalyptus for a sinus-clearing solution that keeps cell membranes moist (a never-ending winter-time battle). Meanwhile Energizing, another of our 100% pure essential oil blends, combines bergamot, orange, and lemon for a crispy citrus that dances through the nostrils.

Cut Costs with Caution

The holiday season gets expensive, and understandably we look for ways to cut cost. Inundated with cut-rate options, it’s tempting to grab a bargain oil from the nearest discount store. Be cautious. Scented oils are no different from any consumer item – you get what you pay for, and cheaper is seldom better.

Consider a natural scented oil’s scientific engineering. It takes a lot to make a little. Hundreds if not thousands of raw material units are required to make a few ounces of scented oil. These oils are ultra-concentrated and require very little per use. This makes them a bargain even at seemingly exorbitant prices. If we imagine that a rose costs $1, and 60 roses are needed for a single drop of pure rose essential oil, that’s $60/drop. Most places retail roses higher than $1, and most therapeutic uses call for 2-3 essential oil drops. Don’t be fooled. Unbelievably discounted products are typically too good to be true.

Manufacturers trade price-point for quality by cutting natural aroma oils with synthetic chemicals and/or cheaper raw materials. This dilutes the essential oil’s potency and benefit. Additionally, synthetic materials are a threat to humans, the environment, and are dishonest in their representation.

Quality Meets Affordability at AromaTech

Conversely, our products are designed by expert scent scientists who consistently produce all-natural, top-grade, pure essential oil and aroma oil blends. We’ve scoured the planet to secure the highest quality sustainable raw materials available. Next, a state-of-the-art extraction process preserves the raw material’s potency and concentrates its fragrance. The result is a clean and functional scenting solution devoid of synthetics such as GMOs, parabens, SLS, glycols, and petrochemicals which are known to cause intolerant reactions in humans and pets.

We believe that human consumption impacts our global environment and see ecological responsibility as our ethical duty. Therefore, we’re committed to conservation, fair trade practices, and cruelty-free partnerships. We’re proud to be part of the solution by supplying eco-friendly, pet-friendly, hypoallergenic fragrance to living spaces the world over.

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