Refreshing Scents Revitalize Businesses: How Scent Marketing Boosts Sales

Refreshing Scents Revitalize Businesses: How Scent Marketing Boosts Sales

Competition for consumer dollars happens on a cut-throat playing field where only the most cunning survive. Where audio and visual advertisements in the form of billboards, print ads, and commercials swung profit margins for companies in the past, today’s consumers have caught on to common tricks and have created ways to avoid their effects. Therefore, companies across various industries have turned to the newest in marketing technology—scent marketing.

Famously, you may have heard that Disney uses scents in their parks to create ambience and drive snack sales. You may remember walking down Main St. and smelling a pleasing waft of freshly baked pastries, or how the air suddenly smells salty near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride—this is by design. Scent marketing taps into our strongest sense, smell, and uses its connection to memories and emotions to produce a favorable impression of your brand or product in their minds.

Capitalizing on the Science of Smell

You may be surprised to find out that mainstream retail companies big and small already use scent marketing. Some companies, like Cinnabon, use location to trap and waft smells out onto foot traffic drawing customers. Notice how Cinnamon is always in a mall, airport, or subway station but not an open-air storefront—this is also by design.

Other companies utilize candles and tabletop diffusers to create an aromatic impression in their stores. The biggest retailers create unique scents and, like Disney, pump them into their company’s public space to create a multi-sense experience that solidifies a customer’s connection to a company. When done right, this use of scent marketing builds recognition, loyalty, and increases the time customers will spend in your store, all of which drives sales.

While eateries are an easy example, it’s important to realize that food retailers and entertainment venues are not the only business types getting in on this revolutionary trend. Think about the businesses you frequent. They likely have a consistent and familiar smell that lingers in the background. Why is it that Lows always smells like fresh cut wood when not a single piece is cut inside the store? Still, this familiarity matches the sales venue and was selected to promote DIY home improvement projects.

Use Your Customer’s Olfactory Sense to Solidify Brand Loyalty

The science behind it is both complex and incredibly simple. Our sense of smell connects directly to multiple neurons making their strongest attachments in memory and emotion centers. This remarkable connection is believed to be because smell is the first sense we develop and our sense of smell has helped us pick suitable mates as well as protect us from dangers such as expired food. The human nose can detect about 10,000 different scents and process them across about 4,000,000 neurons. While still dwarfed by the abilities of animals like canines, the human nose is a remarkably powerful tool.

How to Cash-In

Harnessing that tool can mean big profits for your business. Before you jump right in, there are a few tips to consider. Using scent to drive sales should be subtle. Overpowering scents can produce the opposite effect turning possible sales away. Also, make sure that the scent profile you have chosen matches the feel of the product you’re selling and the setting you are creating. While you may love the smell of pizza, for example, that may not be the best scent to disperse across your electronic or clothing store.

As scent marketing takes hold, its benefits are no longer monopolized by retail giants with millions to invest in custom fragrances and infusion systems. AromaTech teams up with businesses like yours to create a scent marketing profile that is right for your enterprise. Our line of diffusers provide discreet business solutions at reasonable costs. Try the AromaPro, a table-top diffuser that is powerful enough to fill your entire business space. Our scent engineers specialize in the psychological impacts of our olfactory sense and have experience in using this knowledge to create unique environments that draw your customers in without overpowering them. We’ll show you how to use aromatics and essential oils to create the customer experience that keeps them coming back.

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