Spa/Salon Sample Pack

Sample Stick of each of the following scents:

  • Green Tea Lemongrass
  • White Tea & Thyme
  • Eucalyptus
  • White Citrus
  • White Tea
  • Crisp, Clean, Stimulating and Inviting Aroma Oil Selection in the Spa/Salon Sample Pack

    It’s incredible how smell can trick your mind into believing you’re somewhere else. While you may not always be able to head to the spa, implementing similar aromatherapy techniques in your home routine creates an elevated and soothing experience in between visits. The Spa/Salon sample pack transforms your bathroom into a five-star spa. Breathe deeply as your senses are taken to delicate gardens and tension melts away.

    Sharp and invigorating, Green Tea Lemongrass awakens the senses and primes your mind and body for adventures to come. The fresh tea leaves paired with crisp lemongrass are balanced out by rich amber notes to produce a layered fragrance that is clean and motivating. White tea provides the delicate balance in White Tea and Thyme where cedar, amber, night-blooming jasmine and lily work together to create a textured fragrance that promotes relaxation.

    Powerfully multifunctional, Eucalyptus serves many uses in aromatherapy. From respiratory relief to multi-system immune support, utilizing eucalyptus oil in your home promotes physical and mental wellbeing. A striking aroma on its own, we’ve infused this powerful oil with cedar, ylang-ylang, white citrus and rosemary for a complex earthy fragrance complimented by sweet citrus.

    Citrus is a popular fragrance in home scenting and is available in many varieties. Some find that bolder blends, however, become overpowering after prolonged use. White citrus, contrastingly, utilizes white woods, apricot, and water lily to tame citrus’ vibrancy. For a fresh and clean scent containing a subtle floral afternote, take a deep breath of White Tea. This relaxing infusion includes rose, cedarwood, Palo Santo, geraniums, and orange oil. Light and sweet, the noses of guests and residents alike won’t be able to get enough.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Fresh Scent

    I really like all the scents in this pack but I am only giving 4 stars because I think the Crushed Lime & Mint should be part of this pack. Anyone who likes that fresh, relaxing and inviting scent of Spas would absolutely love every single scent of this pack

    So many relaxing scents!

    Definitely good for the spring and summer or warm weather places!

    Fresh Linen is in the air

    Fantastic product!

    Not my personal favorites

    So I was looking for something that would be subtle and in the background to help offset the normal odors from pets, etc. I could definitely see where these scents would appeal to others or for other situations but not what I was looking for at this time. I am glad I got the pack as my needs my change in the future. I guess it didn’t help that I fell in love with the first 2 samples I opened from another pack (Pure Energy and Fresh Air).

    Found my go-to home scent!

    I wanted our home to smell nice- but not like perfume, and fresh- but not like that typical laundry scent. This pack has great options to meet both those requirements. I went with Green Tea and Bamboo and I love it!