Office Scent Sample Pack

Sample Stick of each of the following scents:

  • Pure Energy
  • Zesty Champaca
  • Lemon Balm
  • Santal
  • Spiced Wood
  • Achieve Long-Lasting Motivation with the Office Scent Sample Pack

    Sometimes it can be hard to find the right balance between professional responsibility and maintaining personal relationships and projects. Strategic use of scent, however, can provide the mental boost and clarity needed to calm disruptive thoughts, maintain motivation, and drive productivity into the evening hours. Best of all, no one magical aroma can provide such beneficial results.

    Instead, numerous fragrances have been positively linked to focus, motivation, mental clarity, and stress reduction. Find one you like and use it individually or to create your unique oil blends. Inspired by productive days at the office, try our Office Scent Sample Pack. A themed selection of top-selling all-natural scent-engineered aroma oils, this preview of scents is sure to help you discover that motivating scent that drives you to keep going.

    With a name like Pure Energy, you can expect crisp notes that awaken the senses and clear the mind. The only other name we could have given this powerfully dynamic blend is “Motivation.” Zesty Champaca is a fun, and playful combination of lemongrass and Champaca leaves crafted to keep the nose and mind busy while you continue with the day’s demands. Providing a playful boost of energy with each diffusion, this scent is perfect for house chores on a Saturday afternoon.

    Who says fresh lemon scent is exclusive to cleaning products? Lemon Balm wafts crispy lemon zest balanced by a warm cream. Sharp enough to grab your attention, but smooth enough to keep you focused on the task at hand, choose Lemon Balm when a clean environment fosters your best results.

    Cardamom, papyrus, and musk work together to manifest the elegant complexity of Santal. Get lost in your book or your studies when rich woody notes of an open fire envelop your senses creating an ambiance that holds your mood and attention. Alternatively, fall in love with Spiced Wood, a fragrant blend of wood tones peppered with spice and musk.

    Whether you need to keep going after a long day at the office or looking for a fragrance that serves double duty as pleasure scenting and motivating agent, the Office Scent Sample Pack is the place to start. Discover what motivates you and explore scent blends otherwise undiscovered with this fun, office-setting-inspired curated collection.

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    Office Scent Pack

    Nice variety of scents and we were able to find the one that works great for our environment !