Custom Scent Sample Pack

  • Are you a fan of aromatherapy who would like to find a new scent to enjoy? Alternatively, would you like to try aromatherapy for the first time – but don’t know where to start? Our Custom Scent Sample Pack is the solution. This pack gives you the opportunity to try any five of our essential and aroma oil blends to find your new favorite. These blends are made from only the finest ingredients and designed for use with AromaTech scent machines, so you can diffuse a clean, consistent aroma throughout your home to create the relaxing oasis you want. Some of our recommended options include:

    • Lavender Vanilla: This lovely aroma is the perfect balance of creamy vanilla and fresh lavender with hints of maple leaf and geranium for a soothing scent you’ll love coming home to every day.
    • Gingerbread: Our Gingerbread blend is a sweet and spicy combination of gingerbread, vanilla, and nutmeg – a fresh-baked delicacy that’s perfect around the holidays or anytime you want your home to smell particularly inviting.
    • Crushed Lime & Mint: Crushed Lime & Mint is a well-loved fragrance bursting with zesty lime and fresh mint blended with mandarin blossoms, musk, cedar leaves, and pink jasmine for an ambient scent that’s reminiscent of a cool breeze on a late summer afternoon.
    • Apple Pie: This heavenly aroma is made with notes of freshly-sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon, clove, and mandarin with undertones of vanilla, maple sugar, and anise to recreate the scent of classic apple pie for a warm and inviting atmosphere.
    • Fresh Linen: Fresh linen is a wonderfully invigorating and clean scent that blends spring blossoms, white jasmine, citrus peel, and lily of the valley with musk and fresh-cut leaves for an airy, delightful essence.

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the five custom AromaTech scents you want to sample. Choose the ones that appeal to you the most and then have fun discovering the perfect new scent for your home with our Custom Scent Sample Pack.

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    I am extremely happy with my aromini BT. I had another home scent brand and I could barely smell it. I like that you can use your own oil also.


    Sample pack is helpful for selecting new scents, but should really be free or a credit towards the next purchase.

    Steven, Any new interested buyer, or returning customer can certainly reach out to support & sales team and request samples be include in their next order. Thanks, Josh
    Sample scent

    Aromatech was great to deal with. They sent out several samples very quickly to help me make a decision on which scents to purchase. I will enjoy working with them in the future.


    Custom Scent Sample Pack

    Sample pack

    I loved how quick I received the sample pack! Was able to make a quick decision and order the one I liked right away.