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Sleek. Stylish. Silent.

AroMini has changed the fragrance diffuser game for good. The AroMini's designer exterior houses a state-of-the-art internal nebulizing technology, allowing the user to control scent intensity levels. 

Key Features

Covers 100 - 1,000 sq.ft., Quiet, Intensity Control

Oil Bottle Size

Requires 120ml bottle to fill (oil not included)

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  • Why use a Nebulizing Scent Diffuser over Ultrasonic Diffuser?

    When scent is diffused through nebulization, a process that breaks down fragrance oil into a very fine dry mist leaving no residue it preserves the intention behind our aroma and essential oil blends. This leaves their olfactive and therapeutic powers intact without diluting the oil in water, heating it or adding solvent to it. The result is a subtle scent that remains consistent day in and day out.

    The Basics

    AroMini™ Essential Oil scent machine uses cold-air diffusion technology to release nanoparticles that leave behind no residue and provide a subtle and consistent scented environment. This ground breaking technology preservers the integrity of your essential oils so you can get the most therapeutic benefits without heat, evaporation or diluting in water or alcohol. Scent intensity is adjusted with a dial to ensure even scent distribution. Pair the AroMini with one of our100% essential or aroma oils in a 120ml bottle size to create your unique ambiance, (empty bottle included).

    Diffuser Benefits

    Dry diffusion is an easy and heat free way to diffuser AromaTech’s 100% Essential Oil Blends.

    AromaTech scent diffusers elevate your well being by releasing nanoparticles and purify the air while dispersing beneficial essential oil molecules. Ideal for creating a unique and inviting ambiance in your home.

    Key Features

    • Uses cold-air diffusion technology, heat-free system to disperse essential oil molecules into the air
    • Easily adjust scent intensity
    • Whisper-quiet operation and energy efficient
    • Designed and constructed from recycled aluminum
    • Houses 120ml bottle (included) 
    • No mixing with water required 

    Nebulizing Technology

    The scent is diffused through nebulization, a process that breaks down fragrance oil into a very fine dry mist. This preserves the intention behind our essential oil blends and their olfactive and therapeutic powers without diluting the oil in water, heating it or adding solvent to it.

    Cold-air fragrance diffusers support healthy indoor air quality while providing ambiance and wellbeing.

    This nebulizing technology, combined with an essential aroma oil blend, produces nanoparticles that suspend in the air for several hours while providing the benefit of therapeutic use of essential oils or simply enhancing your ambiance.

    Diffusing helps to reduce dust, pet dander allergens, and other airborne allergens from non-living matter (e.g. dust mite matter allergens) while AromaTech’s 100% all natural diffuser blends bring nature's goodness into your space by supporting harmony and balance.

    Transform your space with clean air, like fresh air misting off a waterfall, then add the AromaTech diffuser blend of your choice.

    AroMini™ Specs

    • Covers 100 - 1,000 square feet
    • Power: 110-240 volt power source
    • Consumption: 0.5 ml per hour
    • Dimensions: 2" w x 12" h
    • Bottle Capacity: 120 ml. (1-3 months)
    • Refill: 1-3 months depending on usage
    • Weight: 3 lbs
  • How It Works!

    The AroMini™ oil diffuser is a very powerful and easy to use home diffuser that will bring serenity and peace to your home. Utilizing nebulizing technology to release tiny nano-particle into the air, the AroMini™ provides a subtle and consistent scented environment leaving no residue. This virtually silent scent diffuser covers up to 1,000 square feet of space in matter of seconds.

    Let’s Set It Up!

    • Open the top of the AroMini™ by holding the top and bottom with both hands and twisting it open counter-clockwise.
    • Fill 120 ml bottle with your favourite essential or aroma oil.
    • Do not fill to the rim.
    • Screw the bottle into the top of the diffuser straight and snug, and insert into its base.
    • Lock it, buy turning the diffuser top clockwise all the way until you feel it lock.
    • Turn the dial from OFF to MIN and start scenting.
    • Scent intensity can be manually adjusted with a dial to ensure even and subtle scent distribution.

    Remember, less is more! Start at the lowest setting and allow the scent to spread throughout your space before increasing the intensity.

    FAQ – AroMini™

    Please see our extended FAQs section for extensive information on all of our diffusers, aroma oils, essential oils, and subscription plans. Here are some of the most popular questions.


    Q: What size room can AroMini™ handle?

    AroMini™ is fully adjustable for different size rooms. It is most effective in spaces from 10 to 1,000 square feet (10 to 100 square meters). Depending on the essential or aroma oil you use, it may cover more area. Some oils are more potent then others. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or small office spaces the AroMini™ is the most powerful and discrete diffuser on the market.


    Q: Where can I place the AroMini™?

    You must place the AroMini™ on a flat surface where the diffuser can take full advantage of the natural airflow in the space. If placing on a table top or shelf, make sure the diffuser doesn’t tip. Refer to the User Manual for more details.


    Q: What is the capacity of the AroMini™ bottle?

    The AroMini™ uses a 120 ml bottle. AroMini™ is designed to only take AromaTech™ designed bottle.


    Q: How long does the essential oil last in the bottle?

    The AroMini™ holds 120 ml bottle of essential or aroma oil that will last 4 weeks, with daily usage running about 8 hours a day. To preserve the essential oil, we highly recommend to purchase an external 24/7 timer, available in our online store, and set it up so that the diffuser doesn’t run at night time. Depending on the essential oil you are using that time may increase or decrease. Some essential oils diffuse faster due to their consistency and viscosity.


    Q: What is the average oil consumption of the AroMini™?

    Oil consumption strongly depends on the essential or aroma oil used. Essential oils diffuse faster then aroma oils. Average oil consumption ranges from 0.50 ml. – 0.80 ml. per hour.


    Q: Do I need to adjust AroMini™?

    Yes! AroMini™ is a very powerful device that can handle small and large spaces. If the diffuser set too high for the room size, it may cause discomfort. Adjusting the scent intensity is easy. Simply use the dial on the power adaptor to adjust from Min to Max level. Start at Min settings and work your way up if needed.


    Q: How strong should I make the scent?

    Remember, less is more. AroMini™ allows you to get rid of bad odours and create a unique ambience with a small amount of scent. Unlike other air fresheners, AroMini™ can be adjusted with a quick turn of a dial. The human nose gets used to smells very fast, so if you don’t smell the scent anymore, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Simply leave the scented area and re-enter with a fresh nose to get a better feel of how strong it is.


    Q: What if my unit does not turn on?

    Check to make sure the power adaptor is properly plugged into the DC power jack and the electrical source.


    Q: What if my unit does not scent or there is almost no scent coming out?

    Check first that there is an aroma or essential oil in the bottle. The bottle should be screwed in straight and snug. If there is a fragrance in the bottle but you still don’t smell anything, either the device is in rest or pause mode, turned off, or the diffuser core is clogged and needs cleaning. Please see “Care & Maintenance” instructions.


    Q: What type of oils can I put in my home diffuser?

    Use only AromaTech’s™ diffuser blends; other oil and oil blends may contain base oils that could result in clogging the device. Many single note essential oils should not be used in the diffuser. Single note essential oils may have a thick or heavy consistency that can clog the diffuser and cause it to stop diffusing scent. AromaTech’s™ diffuser blends have been carefully blended to be effective for you, and safe and easy to use in your cold-air diffuser.


    Q: Is AroMini™ safe to use with children and pets?

    Yes. When used as directed and only with AromaTech’s™ essential and aroma oil blends, the AroMini™ is the safest cold-air diffuser available. Make sure to request SDS if you require more info about the oil being diffused.


    Q: How does AroMini™ differ from aerosol and ultrasonic diffuser?

    Aerosol sprays diffuser very large particles that drop to the ground the moment they are sprayed, providing very high concentrations just in the area they were sprayed. The scent effect is very short and can’t be controlled. Ultrasonic diffusers use water and vibration to diffuse very tiny amounts of essential and aroma oils. With the AroMini™ there is no diluting with water or other carrier oils required. The scent particles diffused suspend for several hours providing the most subtle and comfortable scented environment. AroMini™ creates, maintains, and evenly provides a perfectly balanced scented environment continuously, in low dosage without alcohol, water, propellants, or other harmful VOCs.


    Q: Is AroMini™ Home Diffuser Eco-Friendly?

    AromaTech™ diffusers are the most Eco-friendly products on the market. Unlike aerosols, AroMini™ uses no propellants, phthalates and produces no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Unlike many air fresheners, AroMini™ uses no ethanol or similar solvent to enhance the evaporation of essential and aroma oils.


    Q: Warranty and Support?

    All products designed by AromaTech™ come with a 1 year limited warranty. If you have any questions or issues simply call 1.877.347.5239 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Absolutely Perfect!!

    This is the most amazing nebulizer EVER hands down!! Love Love Love!! Highly recommend.


    We‘ve searched for a device like this all over Europe - without success. We had to ship it from the States, but it was definitely worth it! Looks like a piece of Art - and the scent flows gently through the whole house. Perfect!

    Love this

    I am just in love with this machine it serves my purposes so well. Highly recommend

    Fills the house

    So I have a house with an open area kitchen and dining area, but the living room is definitely separate.when I walk in the house I can smell a nice scent. Definitely not overpowering, but noticeable. When I walk to the kitchen, that’s when the scent is strong...of course the unit is in the kitchen (which is centrally located). I have it on a timer so it comes on around noon for a little while and just before I come home and it stays on until around bedtime. I really like how it goes on for a little bit and then off for a tiny bit. It’s a bit noisy, so that’s another reason it’s in the kitchen. I can hear it over the television and hubbys YouTube videos and even when the heater has kicked on. It’s not super annoying, maybe like an aquarium...I do wish there was a beep or something that alerted you when the oil has run low. I originally ordered one thinking I’d need two for my house. (About 2000 square feet) but one is actually good. I have it on the strongest setting, but like I said, I have it on a timer so it’s not on when I’m at work. I could probably have it on a lighter setting...I’m still kind of playing with the intensity. I do have two little cubes, one for each bathroom. They work wonders! Have a different scent in those than the mini, just so my nose doesn’t get so used to one scent. The little cubes cover all smells and are good enough to reach the hallways outside the bathrooms and even into the bedrooms just slightly. I’m very pleased with the aroma tech products. I calculated the cost I was spending on other plug in and even some cable and wax and even some other diffuser type of smelly good things that I’d been buying and I was able to justify buying the mini. So VERY glad I did.

    Hard to make work

    I got this product and was excited to have it in my small business. I was very disappointed that it didn’t work. I called customer service and they told me I don’t twist it hard enough that some women couldn’t twist it hard enough to engage it. I am 6’8” and 300 pounds. I promise you I can twist it hard enough. I twisted as hard as I could and nothing. Finally I pushed down very hard on the top and it started working. Since then I have been very pleased. It is a good product and customer service just be be ready for a little work to get the machine started.