Anahata 461 Quantum™

$35.00 USD

Accelerated with bio-resonance energy technologies, Quantum Scents™ bridge the link between Science and Nature's design.

Consider Anahata 461 to support the space of actionable acceptance and in mobilizing the FLOW of operations and increasing oxygenation, circulation and flexibility.

Key Notes

Cold-pressed oils of Eucalyptus, Cedarwood and Pine

Therapeutic Benefits

Diffuse to achieve centeredness and connection with core matters.

Bottle Size
$35.00 USD


We invite you to explore, experiment, enhance your self awareness and well-being through the application of Quantum Scents™ in your spaces.

An oil of accessing the skill and space of the Heart of what Matters.


Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus), Cedarwood (Juniperus Virginiana), Pine (Pinus)

How it Works

This formula may stabilize energy in motion and emotional debris. Supports as a decongestant of space enhancing renewed breath to what has been stagnant.

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Our Promise

Anahata 461 Quantum™ Essential Oil Blend is 100% Pure Essential Oils created with the highest quality of raw and natural ingredients. All of our essential oils are certified Non-GMO, Vegan, and contain no parabens, phthalate, DPG, glycols, petrochemicals, artificial additives, synthetic colors, or harmful chemicals. All of our oils are created to be 100% safe for your home, family, and pets. Anahata 461 Quantum™ Essential Oil Blend is designed to be conveniently used in any cold-air or ultrasonic oil diffuser.

For Ultrasonic Diffusers

Add 10-20 drops to your ultrasonic diffuser, ceramic diffuser or car diffuser to diffuse essential and aroma oils throughout your home, office or car. The more drops of oil the stronger the aroma.

Not for topical use.

For Cold-Air Diffusion Scent Machines

Choose from a 10ml, 120ml or 500ml size bottle, depending on your diffuser to diffuse a pleasant and consistent scent through out your space.

Simply add the essential or aroma oil blend to the fragrance diffuser bottle. Screw the bottle into the home diffuser. Set the desired intensity and escape into your own zen.

No mixing of oils with water or other carriers is required. AromaTech uses pure concentrated essential and aroma oil blends in all of our fragrance diffusers.

Do not apply to skin or ingest.

Important Information

This product is for diffuser use only. Do not take orally or use topically. If ingested, seek medical attention immediately or contact poison control. Do not use this product on skin. Contact with skin, eyes, or mucous membranes, may cause serious reaction. If accidental contact with skin occurs seek medical care or contact poison control. If you have any medical concerns or conditions, consult a health care provider prior to using, in a diffuser, in your home.

Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use

All essential oils/blends and their descriptive possibilities listed by Jeanette Wolfe/Planet Apothecary, Aromatech and Brand Energetics and their associates are for informational and educational purposes only, and are not intended to provide you with medical advice.

The information contained herein does not constitute the rendering of medical advice, the provision of treatment, or treatment recommendations, nor does the information act as a substitute for medical services, advice, diagnosis, or treatments.

Any medical or other healthcare or healthcare related decision should be made in consultation with your qualified healthcare provider.

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Return Policy

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Unfortunately, we do not except returns of opened oils or damaged fragrance diffusers from regular wear and tear. Due to the intricacy of the essential oil blends and for the benefit of all our customers, once the essential oil bottle has been open and used we can't accept it back.

If your are not satisfied with your home diffuser, please return your scent machine in the original packaging to the address on the original packaging, all we ask is that you take care of shipping costs when returning the product. A $25 restocking fee applies on all returns. Return address: 2432 West Peoria Ave, Unit 1164, Phoenix, AZ, 85029

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews

Like walking into l'Hotel!

A suprising smile may occur with a little pep in your step after you walk by!

I purchased this 10ml bottle along with others from aromatech based on customer reviews! I intended to use this in the entrance way of our home but instead decided to take it to the office and oh my did it make a difference! Colleagues were complementing the scent all daylong, it is light, friendly, and clean (not soapy) that people just started to smile and were so cheery walking by my office with a little more energy! Such a perfect compliment to our small company environment!

Give your home and office space a soul!

What was already a fun space, our home is now complimented with the beautiful, soft but bold aroma of Santal. Its presence makes you stop in your tracks and think, wow did I just get transported to a high end hotel or store? Our living room smells super sophisticated, deep notes but very light, not too perfumery, and perfect to almost bring a soul or life to your home! I am very pleased with my choice and so very thankful for the prior customers reviews. Those reviews are why I purchased this and other scents from aromatech!

White tea

Everyone who comes onto my home loves it. Very calming and clean smelling.

Feels like home

Love to arrive home and smell the Guava Cucumber... Makes me relax and refreshed... One of my favorites