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  • Why use a Nebulizing Scent Diffuser over Ultrasonic Diffuser?

    When scent is diffused through nebulization, a process that breaks down fragrance oil into a very fine dry mist leaving no residue it preserves the intention behind our aroma and essential oil blends. This leaves their olfactive and therapeutic powers intact without diluting the oil in water, heating it or adding solvent to it. The result is a subtle scent that remains consistent day in and day out.

    The Basics

    The Air Stream Duo™ scent machine covers 15,000 square feet. Standing freely, this powerful cold-air business or home scenting device is designed to be conveniently connected to your HVAC / AC (air conditioning system). This fragrance diffuser also has the option to be mounted to a wall for easy and discrete installation. The Air Stream Duo™ air handler scent delivery system utilizes cold-air diffusion technology to provide the highest quality aroma with no residue left behind. Cold-air diffusion preserves the integrity of aroma and essential oils, so you can receive the maximum olfactive and therapeutic benefits, without heat, evaporation, or diluting the oils in water or alcohol. The scent intensity is easily controlled through an external digital touch screen.

    Scenting a larger home or a business?

    If you are looking to scent multiple rooms in your home, a hotel or a casino lobby or maybe retail store that is over 15,000 sq.ft. and want a reliable commercial fragrance machine please contact us to get more details on the Air Stream Duo™ HVAC / AC scent machine. Scenting your home or business has never been easier with patented scent delivery systems from AromaTech.

    Diffuser Benefits

    Utilizing cold-air diffusion technology, which is an easy and heat free way to diffuse AromaTech’s 100% Essential and Aroma Oil Blends, the Air Stream Duo™ creates a clean and consistent ambient scented environment without harsh chemical undertones.

    Key Features

    • Covers 15,000 square feet of space
    • Connects to existing HVAC (air conditioning system)
    • Uses patented cold-air diffusion technology, a heat-free system to disperse essential oil molecules into the air
    • Adjustable fragrance intensity and 24/7 timer
    • Ultra-quiet operation and energy efficient
    • Leaves no residue
    • 2 x 4 liter drums of oil can last up to a year depending on settings
    • Recommended bottle size: (4) half gallon drums

    Unique Technology

    The Air Stream Duo™ uses nebulization (cold-air diffusion), a process that breaks down essential and aroma oils into a very fine dry mist, to diffuse fragrances. This patented technology preserves the intention and integrity behind our oils, while maximizing their olfactive and therapeutic powers, without diluting in water, solvent, or using heat, to create a clean, consistent, and appealing ambient scented environment. Diffusing helps to create an emotional connection with consumers by creating lasting impressions, memories, and multi-sensory responses, all while increasing energy, inspiring brand loyalty, improving sales, masking ill odors, reducing dust, pet dander allergens, and other airborne allergens from non-living matter. Cold-air diffusers support healthy indoor air quality while providing ambience and well-being for you, your employees, and clientele.

    Air Stream Duo™ Specs

    • Covers 15,000 square feet
    • Power: 110-240 volt power source
    • Consumption: 1-3 ml. per hour
    • Air Pump Dimensions: 12” H x 6” W x 6” L
    • Oil Drum Dimensions: 12” H x 6” W
    • Bottle Capacity: 2 x 4 liters drums (8-12 months)
    • Recommended size to buy: (4) half gallon drums or (16) 500 ml. bottles
    • Refill: 8-12 months depending on usage
    • Weight: 10 lbs without oil
  • For Cold-Air Diffusion Scent Machines

    10ml, 120ml, 500ml, and Half Gallon Jugs. Simply remove the diffuser oil bottle and add the Aroma Oil blend. Screw the bottle back into the scent machine. Adjust the diffuser intensity to your desired level to create the perfect ambient scent. Mixing Aroma or Essential Oils with water or other carriers is NOT required. Here at AromaTech™, we use pure concentrated Essential and Aroma Oil Blends for all of our business scent machines.

    Important Information

    All of our Aroma and Essential Oils are for diffuser use only. Do not use topically or ingest. If ingested, contact a local poison control center immediately or seek professional medical care. Direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes, or skin may cause serious irritation and harmful effects. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please consult a health care practitioner prior to diffusing oils.

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