Why Scent

Connect, Inspire, Brand

Creating an emotional connection and a memorable experience for consumers is crucial in today’s competitive business world. With an ever increasing rise in start-ups, pop-up shops, and e-commerce stores, creating a recognizable and unique brand is imperative.

Scent Marketing has become a game changer in increasing sales, heightening value perception, expanding brand recognition, and increasing customer satisfaction. This type of sensory marketing is targeted at the olfactory sense. The sense of smell is the most powerful of all the senses and is directly linked to emotions. Scent marketing allows businesses to create an emotional connection with consumers, which results in a more enjoyable and memorable experience for the customer.

Scent Marketing is more than just diffusing a fragrance in a showroom or lobby. It is the science of taking your company’s marketing message, brand identity, and target audience to create a unique fragrance that accentuates these values. Scenting has the ability to instantaneously trigger memories and even influence behavior. Combining scent and other marketing techniques can significantly amplify a customers experience and create a distinct, memorable connection with your brand.

Marketing, academic, and industry research has proven that incorporating scent significantly affects how consumers view your brand. Diffusing the correct aroma oil can subconsciously prompt customers to linger longer and have a more positive experience. The perfect scent ambiance will differentiate your brand from competitor for your clients, employees and guests, and result in happier customers, that linger longer.