AT-600 BT Scent Diffuser

Small Space Scent Diffusers

White Casing and Black Panel

Introducing the new AT-600 from our Scent Better line of products. It's Battery capable, app-controlled, and wall mountablethe world’s most versatile diffuser.

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  • There’s a new small-space scenting option at AromaTech. The AT-600 BT Scent Diffuser is smart, stylish, and suitable for spaces up to 600 square feet.

    This easy-to-use diffuser can use  a rechargeable battery* and can be mounted on the wall in a bedroom, office, or anywhere you want to create a subtly scented atmosphere.

    The AT-600 BT holds 100ml of your favourite AromaTech aroma oil for hours of enjoyment. It is also equipped with Bluetooth technology so that you can control and program your scenting experience whenever and however you like.

    Like other AromaTech diffusers, the AT-600 uses nebulizing technology, a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly way to scent your space. 

    * batteries not included

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Easy to set up

    Nice product. Not as strong scent diffusion as their other products. But it’s good if you want a very light scent una bedroom.

    great diffuser

    it was so easy to set up and had so many options to use. one of the best i've ever seen.

    Great product

    we are thrilled with this product!

    not an issue for wall mounting but...

    unit is unsteady when placed on a hard surface. it sits on the crown of the base and the feet are too small to stabilize it. when tipped the oil will leak out. if not attended to in a timely manner the oil can damage surfaces including itself

    Hi Daryl, Thank you for your feedbacks. We appreciate you for taking your valuable time to write a review. We do apologize for this inconvenience. We will contact you via your email to follow up.
    It’s Awesome

    I love this machine. App control option makes it so easy. I’ve only had it for about two weeks and there’s still plenty of oil in it. And I run it pretty heavily.
    The scent options are amazing and love they are pure and not filled with weird ingredients that usually give me a headache. I have two downstairs which covers over 800 sq feet.
    I’m about to get one for my master bedroom.
    My only criticism is that I wish the chord plug into the machine from the bottom. I have mine hidden on top of some bookshelves but the chord pokes up at the top and is the only thing visible.
    Other than that. I’m super impressed with this product.