Night Scent Sample Pack

Sample Stick of each of the following scents:

  • Sandalwood
  • Vanilla Bourbon
  • Noir
  • Lavender
  • Oud
  • Find the Right Scent to End Your Day with the Night Scent Sample Pack

    If you’re someone who loves to diffuse at night, try our Night Scent Sample Pack, a selection of deeply sensual scents that create the perfect warmth at the end of a long day. Crisp enough to keep your senses pleasantly stimulated, these aromas act as a playful companion as you carry on evening responsibilities. Each blend was crafted specifically for its rich complexity creating full and textured aromas that tickle the nose keeping it guessing for hours. Diffused at bedtime, the calming aromas grab your attention as you drift off into a restful sleep.

    Warm and sensual, Sandalwood has a hint of sweet apple that works well to blend the wood notes with the musk. Dry with a kick of spice, this scent puckers the nose and awakens the senses. For a more rustic note, enjoy the Vanilla Bourbon. The lightness of lily and musk balance out the richness of the aroma’s namesake. Noir, a crowd favorite, remains soft, almost subtle, despite its remarkably spicy, woody, musk with bay leaves combined with the sweetness of fig and bergamot. Just when you’ve put your finger on how to describe this scent, it magically seems to change starting its curious dance through your nostrils all over again.

    Lavender is quite famous for summer nights. The soft petals’ aroma is infused with earthy wood tones with hints of clove and camphor on the tail end. Conversely, many keep lavender on hand for its known anxiety and stress-reducing benefits. A calm mind can support improved brain function and is an ideal aroma for unwinding after a hard run. Lastly, Oud is a dynamic floral arrangement balanced with woody notes to provide that rich, warm, and highly sensual appeal. Oud is a floral aroma that doesn’t become overpowering after a few minutes, allowing you to enjoy your favorite flower-dominant aromas for long periods without any reactive side effects. 

  • Customer Reviews

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    Great scent

    Smells so good and fresh I loooove it

    Great scents!

    I found the night time pack to have great scents! Some alluring, some mysterious and intriguing. Very good mix!