AroMini™ Refurb

Nebulizing & Medium Space Scent Diffusers


Sleek. Stylish. Silent.

AroMini has changed the fragrance diffuser game for good. The AroMini's designer exterior houses a state-of-the-art internal nebulizing technology, allowing the user to control scent intensity levels. 

Key Features

Covers 1,000+ sq.ft., Quiet, Intensity Control

Oil Bottle Size

Requires 120ml bottle to fill (oil not included)

  • Why use a Nebulizing Scent Diffuser over Ultrasonic Diffuser?

    When scent is diffused through nebulization, a process that breaks down fragrance oil into a very fine dry mist leaving no residue it preserves the intention behind our aroma and essential oil blends. This leaves their olfactive and therapeutic powers intact without diluting the oil in water, heating it or adding solvent to it. The result is a subtle scent that remains consistent day in and day out.

    The Basics

    AroMini™ Essential Oil scent machine uses cold-air diffusion technology to release nanoparticles that leave behind no residue and provide a subtle and consistent scented environment. This ground breaking technology preservers the integrity of your essential oils so you can get the most therapeutic benefits without heat, evaporation or diluting in water or alcohol. Scent intensity is adjusted with a dial to ensure even scent distribution. Pair the AroMini with one of our100% essential or aroma oils in a 120ml bottle size to create your unique ambiance, (empty bottle included).

    Diffuser Benefits

    Dry diffusion is an easy and heat free way to diffuser AromaTech’s 100% Essential Oil Blends.

    AromaTech scent diffusers elevate your well being by releasing nanoparticles and purify the air while dispersing beneficial essential oil molecules. Ideal for creating a unique and inviting ambiance in your home.

    Key Features

    • Uses cold-air diffusion technology, heat-free system to disperse essential oil molecules into the air
    • Easily adjust scent intensity
    • Whisper-quiet operation and energy efficient
    • Designed and constructed from recycled aluminum
    • Houses 120ml bottle (included) 
    • No mixing with water required 

    Nebulizing Technology

    The scent is diffused through nebulization, a process that breaks down fragrance oil into a very fine dry mist. This preserves the intention behind our essential oil blends and their olfactive and therapeutic powers without diluting the oil in water, heating it or adding solvent to it.

    Cold-air fragrance diffusers support healthy indoor air quality while providing ambiance and wellbeing.

    This nebulizing technology, combined with an essential aroma oil blend, produces nanoparticles that suspend in the air for several hours while providing the benefit of therapeutic use of essential oils or simply enhancing your ambiance.

    Diffusing helps to reduce dust, pet dander allergens, and other airborne allergens from non-living matter (e.g. dust mite matter allergens) while AromaTech’s 100% all natural diffuser blends bring nature's goodness into your space by supporting harmony and balance.

    Transform your space with clean air, like fresh air misting off a waterfall, then add the AromaTech diffuser blend of your choice.

    AroMini™ Specs

    • Covers up to 1,000 square feet
    • Power: 110-240 volt power source
    • Consumption: 0.5 ml per hour
    • Dimensions: 2" w x 12" h
    • Bottle Capacity: 120 ml. (included)
    • Refill: Monthly
    • Weight: 3 lbs

  • For Cold-Air Diffusion Scent Machines

    10ml, 120ml, 500ml, and Half Gallon Jugs. Simply remove the diffuser oil bottle and add the Aroma Oil blend. Screw the bottle back into the scent machine. Adjust the diffuser intensity to your desired level to create the perfect ambient scent. Mixing Aroma or Essential Oils with water or other carriers is NOT required. Here at AromaTech™, we use pure concentrated Essential and Aroma Oil Blends for all of our business scent machines.

    Important Information

    All of our Aroma and Essential Oils are for diffuser use only. Do not use topically or ingest. If ingested, contact a local poison control center immediately or seek professional medical care. Direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes, or skin may cause serious irritation and harmful effects. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please consult a health care practitioner prior to diffusing oils.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    So happy with my machine

    We have it in our kitchen and I start it each morning after I make my coffee. We have pure sunshine and love it. Looking forward to trying a holiday scent in a few months

    Great for home

    I purchased the AroMini refurbished for my apartment. I like a strong smell that people notice when they walk in the door. It has worked perfect for that. Overall, it works very well. I noticed sometimes the smell isn’t coming out and I clean it like the manual suggests but it is a little more often than I would like. But it is worth the cleaning if I can have my apartment smelling great all of the time.

    Love the change in my air

    Love the way the aroMini works to make my home smell amazing. I have never used one before so wanted to get the smaller rebuilt model to see if I would like it. I do like it, but only gave it 4 stars because it is not as versatile as others that I have seen. One note, for people that have never used a AromaTech before , please make the instructions a bit more clear as to the fact that you do not add water to the oil, just pour it all in the container. Also another helpful guide would be to estimate the length of the life of the oil ( I know it would depend on the strength of the scent) but a guideline would be helpful when you go to purchase the larger bottles.

    Great Product

    So far its been a great product.

    Great product

    This product is as good or better than the new one!
    Great product. Fast shipping, fabulous customer service!
    Will definitely
    Be a customer for life!
    The machine is great and the aroma is really the best on the market!
    Thank you AROMATech!