World Environment Day: Start Small to Make a Big Impact

World Environment Day: Start Small to Make a Big Impact

How should you battle climate change? How can we preserve and improve nature? What can each of us do, every individual? Day-to-day, you are confronted with these questions, but on World Environment Day, they gain even more in poignancy. World Environment Day is the United Nations' most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. It's the "people's day" for doing something to take care of the Earth.

This initiative started small on Expo '74 in Spokane. "Only one Earth," was the theme on that occasion. On Tuesday, June 5th, India will be hosting this global event, and the theme is beating plastic pollution.

An excellent invention but with an unexpected impact

While you are reading this article, look around you, and don't try to count the number of plastic objects you see. Instead, count the objects where no plastic is involved; that's probably much easier. Uncanny, isn't it, how an invention which has only recently celebrated its 100th anniversary has impacted our lives so drastically. It has taken the place of wood, ceramic, stone, leather, metal, and glass.

Due to many years of disregard in a throw-away society, plastic has now evolved from a "solution to a problem" into a major contributor to pollution. So, in turn, it presents us with problems of a different kind. The waste involving plastic items has become vast, but how to imagine the magnitude? If we can't picture a 1-ton pile of plastic forks, knives, and spoons, how to envisage 100,000 tons? A simpler way to visualize how dire the situation is, is to google "plastic dead bird" (if you can stomach the sight).

Even if you cannot necessarily imagine the dimension of the problem, you realize that it exists.

The situation is serious but not hopeless

Campaigns to reduce waste have started in several countries. In Northern Europe, flimsy supermarket plastic bags are already becoming a thing of the past. In many Asian countries, the use of disposable chopsticks is on a rapid decline. This may not sound like much, but if the efforts of one country are starting to have an effect, then others are likely to follow.

You've probably also heard of the Great Pacific garbage patch. Not only has plastic accumulated through the years into this gyre, but the other oceans are afflicted too. In 2012, the Dutch student Boyan Slat proposed a concept called The Ocean Cleanup for removing large amounts of marine debris from the five oceanic gyres. The project is still in development, but the scientists are optimistic that they'll remove up to 50% off the trash before the turn of the decade.

Bioplastic is another worthy alternative. It's derived from vegetable fats and oils, corn starch or microbiota. While the process still needs some fine-tuning, it's progressing well.

So many things are being done regarding plastics in particular and for the environment in general. It's a matter of time before the USA wholeheartedly contribute to this cause. Doubtlessly, you want to know how you can help. First, think of this year's World Environmental Day motto: "If you can't reuse it, refuse it."

Rely on Aromatech to make a change for the better

It's difficult not to buy a plastic product if nothing else is available anymore. So, solving this part of the problem doesn't lie in your hands. Manufacturers, however, are already aware of the problem and have started to adapt production processes using materials with higher durability, a longer life, and a better way to recycle them. You can contribute to the decrease of plastic waste by choosing to buy these.

At Aromatech, we offer the best nebulizing diffusers. From our tiny Aromacruise to our powerful Air Stream Duo, our cold-air diffusers are made of robust and resistant material. If well-maintained, our devices will stand the test of time with ease. The technology involved with cold-air diffusion is better for the environment too compared to sprays, aerosols, or heating oils. Aromatech aromatic and essential oils are used without diluting them with water, heating or adding solvents. You only apply a little bit of the oil, and our bottles go a long way.

While we're on the subject of our packaging material, have you noticed our bottles are made of glass? Only the screwcap is plastic, and this material is easy to recycle.

Reasons to feel proud that you are using Aromatech aromatic and essential oils

  • Aromatech aromatic and essential oils are extracted in an environmentally-friendly way
  • They are vegan, non-GMO, non-allergenic and free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Compared to other oils, you need only a fraction of oil for maximum olfactive efficiency
  • The packaging material is reduced to a minimum and 100% recyclable
  • Our products are efficient and economical if used according to our instructions in the appropriate diffusers
  • At Aromatech, we keep a watchful eye on innovations and inventions to reverse the damage caused by our own negligence, and to improve our world. If you want to know more about what we do in this respect, feel free to ask us. We care, are proud of it, and happy to share our experiences.
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