Why an aroma diffuser makes so much sense when you are busy

Why an aroma diffuser makes so much sense when you are busy

A New Way of Scenting Your Home. Why Cold Air Scent Diffusers is a Better Choice for a Busy Life

Smell is the strongest sense that affects one’s mood and how they feel about their environment. A positive smell can give you energy, awaken your spirit, and motivate you to pursue your goals.It can calm you when you’re in the middle of a busy week or a busy time in your life. As the home becomes disorderly, especially as the trash piles up, offensive smells can grow. Offensive smells can bring one down, destroy one’s motivation, and even one’s health.

As companies are seeing the positive impact that scents bring to their establishments, customers are demanding that for their homes. Since 2007, the home market for cold air scent diffusers has grown by 35% each year. Over 70% of Americans use a variety of room deodorizers, and that percentage is predicted to increase in the coming years. Air freshening for the home are becoming essential.

Such as art, paint colors, and furniture, the scent of your home reflects on you. If nothing else, that’s how your guests and everyone who enters your home will define you. Many people use scents to express who they are regarding their style and personality. If they’re natural and carefree, warm, and woodsy scents may appeal to their cabin style home. If they’re vibrant and energetic, fruity and, citrus scents may permeate throughout their beach-inspired bungalow.

 You might find yourself using a nebulizing diffuser as aromatherapy. Perhaps if you host yoga classes in your lakeside home, a cooling floral scent may keep your participants’ minds and spirits calm. The benefits are endless in how scents can make your home a place where you and your friends want to be.

A Nebulizing Diffuser Ideal for Scenting Your Home

Conventional methods of scenting your home have their drawbacks. Whether candles, air sprays, plug-ins, incense sticks or wax melts, they tend to only last for a few hours and often are heavy in smell, while sending toxins in the air. With cold air scent diffusers, you’re getting a high-quality device that delivers a balanced natural scent and lasts for hours, even days. So as time flies by, you can rely on a system that doesn’t require frequent lighting and changing of sticks and wax.

AromaTech is a luxury scent delivery company that’s passionate about creating unique and memorable scents that enhance the ambiance of your home. In business for nine years, we design and manufacture nebulizing diffuser machines, as well as essential and aroma oil blends that go with it. Our scenting systems are powerful and sleek, scenting homes small and large.

Our quality is in our technology. Our nebulizing diffuser works by dispersing out the scent as cold filtered air in an ultra-dry mist. This mist stays in the air for hours and can fully scent homes of many sizes. Our device also comes in a wall mount form, which connects to your heater or ac, scenting even more square feet.

An internal digital timer allows you to control the operation and strength of fragrance output. The result is a home that is subtly scented, symphonic, and not overpowering.

A Nebulizing Scent Diffuser That’s Above the Rest

Unlike other popular alternatives, our cold air diffusion technology is superior. Reed diffusers only deliver scents to the area or room they’re placed in, plus they use more oil, which makes them expensive in the end. If you purchased a reed diffuser kit, you’re also inviting toxins into your home, as they’re often filled with harmful chemicals.

Our products, from the packaging and diffusers to the essential and aroma oils, are eco-friendly, not tested on animals, and sustainable. You can have a peace of mind knowing that our products scenting your home are safe for you, your family, and your pets.

Ultrasonic cool mist diffusers are a little better compared to reed diffusers, but they pose the risk of inviting mold into your home by adding humidity in the room due to them having a water reservoir where the water is mixed with the essential oil and propelled into the air. Our cold air diffusers only work with essential oils, which disperse dry air, so even if your home has a mold problem, our diffusers won’t aggravate it.

Plug-in glades involve heating the oil so that it evaporates into the air. However, as the oil is heated, it loses its beneficial therapeutic properties. With our cold air scent diffusers, there’s no heating involved, so the essential oils maintain their integrity, and you receive the full benefits that they have to offer.

Our Selection Has Something for Everyone

No matter what your style is or the mood you want to create, we have a selection of essential fragrance oils to fit what your preferences.

  • Waffle Cone

Ideal for the playful spirit that lives in you. With vanilla, sugar, whipped butter and light coffee notes, your home will have that warm and cheerful feeling reminiscent of days at a summer fair, playing carnival games and going on the Ferris wheel.

  • Smile

Ideal for a warm and relaxing feeling of summer days at the pool. Rain washed greens, sparkling fruits, and summery citrus notes will take you back to those carefree times when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and everything stood still.

  • Sheer Lotus

If you love the clean feeling after a rainfall, this scent is ideal for you. Lotus flower, lily of the valley, and white musk will fill your home with a memorable smell of a fresh spring rainfall.

As life keeps you on the move, each time you step into your home, you’ll feel relaxed and calm as our nebulizing scent diffuser stops time for a moment and allows you to escape. With more people finding the remarkable difference that the scent of their home can have on their mood, health, and others’ perception of them, it only makes sense to choose a company that’s passionate about what they do. Contact us today to start transforming your home with a scent that will inspire you to take a moment to stand still in the midst of being busy.

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