Welcoming House Guests into A Strategically Scented Home

Welcoming House Guests into A Strategically Scented Home

No matter how clean you keep your home, there are specific environmental factors that you can’t control. Agricultural areas, for example, often smell of the crops grown, and fertilizers used. Healthy crops are vital to your local economy, but their odors can overpower your personal space. If you can hardly stand the unpleasant smell, how do your unsuspecting guests feel?

Smell is our most dominant sense as it connects directly to our emotional and memory centers. This means that the first few moments someone spends in your home -- including yourself -- are the most important. The smells that greet newcomers set the tone for their entire visit. Therefore, let's explore how to use scents in the home strategically to create a personalized experience for you and your guests upon each arrival.

The Classic Cover-Up Revitalized

When we’re anticipating house guests, it’s natural to put extra effort into making things neat and tidy. Not only do we want to impress, but we also want them to feel comfortable throughout their stay. The house’s odor, however, is one aspect of preparation we often overlook. Most people rely on the scents added to household cleaners and aerosols to deodorize a house hoping their chemical-based cover-up will last.

While traditional and efficient in conveying cleanliness, there are limitations to the sharp lemon and mint aromas traditionally used to cover the smell of standard cleaning products. Used potently to overpower the chemical odor, many find these scents abrasive, irritating, or unappealing. Additionally, the smell is attached to solutions designed to evaporate quickly; the scent doesn’t last.

Too soon the freshness wears off, and odors are noticeable again – likely just as your guests are about to arrive. Diffused aroma oils from AromaTech, by contrast, can be set to emit a continuous fine mist ensuring that your desired aroma lasts through your guests’ visit. We source all our 100% pure essential oils and all-natural aroma oil blends from premium raw ingredients found around the world. Pet-friendly and GMO-free, we don’t add any petrochemicals, parabens, or synthetic additives.

Use these oils in any of our superior cold-air technology diffusion systems. Varied in size and style, our line of diffusers distributes oils silently. Cold-air diffusion preserves the properties of the raw materials maximizing their benefits when inhaled.

We have diffusers that are set to timers and some with Bluetooth synchronization for maximized user control. Systems can stand, be mounted to a wall, or installed inside the HVAC system. Consider the AromaCube, a compact and portable fan diffusion system that is perfect for personal single-room diffusion. The free-standing AroMini is powerful enough for medium spaces such as living rooms and dining-kitchen combo areas.

Lastly, you can install the Air Stream Duo into your vent system for total house diffusion requiring only annual oil refills. This is ideal if you're creating a signature scent for your home that doesn’t need to change guest-by-guest. Our pet-friendly and hypoallergenic diffused oils leave no residue and are unlikely to bother even your most environmentally sensitive guests.

Strategize Your Home Scenting Selections

Home scenting needn’t be limited to sweet and deodorizing cover-ups. Tap into the exceptionally persuasive power of smell the same way businesses have for decades. They’ve spent years and billions of dollars researching how to use scent to increase customer engagement. Now you can use their time-tested findings to your benefit.

Tired in the evenings but need an extra boost to help with homework and get dinner on the table? Look for a scent that features strong notes of light citrus such as grapefruit and lemon combined with invigorating notes from the mint family. As a bonus, the kids are welcomed home to a fresh and inviting environment equally rejuvenated and ready to focus.

Likewise, peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus are known for helping sinus congestion and are ideal during allergy seasons. Try diffusing these blends when guests with breathing difficulties visit — especially if you have pets.

In addition to selecting scents based on individual therapeutic benefits, you can utilize scent in the home to guide behavior without becoming the household nag. Kids love hosting sleepovers. Cute as they may be, the group gets wound up and inevitably stay awake way too late regardless of verbal prompting. Then they are tired and cranky for the next day’s activities.

Next time set your AroMini to diffuse Bedtime at a time of your choosing and watch the problem dissolve. Instead of negotiating and youthful defiance, they have no idea why they’re all nodding off. Now you’re the cool parent who lets them stay up as late as they want! Wink-wink.

Strategy Scenting for Home-Based Professionals

It’s human nature to appreciate the little bits of familiarity we come across. Use this to your home-business advantage. Have a client coming over to finalize a contract? Welcome them with the smell of their favorite flower for an enhanced personalized experience.

This will put them in a good mood easing the awkwardness of negotiations -- which are more likely to finalize in your favor! Don’t know enough about your guest? Use a fresh scent that promotes relaxation, calm, happiness, or easy breathing to put them in the most congenial mood.

Likewise, you can use strategic scenting in the bustling rental property market. Rental properties have become an excellent way to generate extra income for the family. Properties with rave reviews are often highlighted or presented first. They’re also the most consistently booked. Personalized scenting is one way to make your listing stand head and shoulders above competing properties.

Before your guests check in, do a little research about where they’re traveling from and find out some of the familiar smells in the region. Select one of our premium quality hypoallergenic oils to diffuse in your air-conditioning installed AromaPro. They’ll never notice the microscopic mist, but they’ll certainly remember how comfortable, accommodating, and pleasant they found their stay.

Every Entrance is an Opportunity

Each time someone walks through your door, be it a fellow resident or guest, there is an opportunity to change their moods for the better. While we can’t always avoid odors, we can use scent to counteract negative impressions. Doing so without harmful chemicals that evaporate quickly and provide no therapeutic benefit is a thing of the past. Instead, tap into the wonders of cold-air oil diffusion with AromaTech for long-lasting, versatile, and safe home scenting.

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