Using Fragrance to Transform Your Home Into Your Favorite City

AromaTech Cities Collection

Use Fragrance To Transform Your Home Into Your Favorite City

Many of us aren’t travelling these days. And while we’re unable to visit the cities we’ve come to love, or explore the new places we want to go to, there is a simple at-home way to satisfy our collective desire for escape - through aroma oils and scent diffusers.

The way humans experience scent is incredibly subjective, but it’s undeniable that they have a powerful capacity to evoke emotions and stir up old memories that might otherwise be forgotten. When it comes to travel - and while you might not be able to pinpoint exactly why a particular place makes you feel a certain way - the truth is, cities all over the world embody unique smells that we strongly associate with them.


Why does scent trigger memories?

Think about the last time a particular smell evoked feelings of nostalgia or a sense of longing for your childhood. Or perhaps, when a hint of peppermint and spice re-energized you with thoughts of the holiday season. Whether we’re actively engaged in it or not, our emotions and sense of smell are deeply entangled - and the science behind how it works is fascinating.

The part of the brain that regulates smells, memories, and emotions are extremely intertwined. In simple terms, scent particles are repackaged - so to speak - from a chemical into a form that’s readable by the brain. The scent, in its new form, is then transported to the part of the brain that’s responsible for processing emotions, which explains why the association between our sense of smell and emotions is both intimate and strong.

If we dig deeper into why we’ve evolved to have such strong emotional responses to scents, we can understand how they’ve played an integral role when it comes to survival. Certain smells signal warnings - like the charcoal, musky smell of fire and smoke that alerts us to approach with caution or avoid the situation altogether.

But on a brighter note, scents have a very special ability to transport us. Restoring fond memories that might otherwise be forgotten or never again recalled. As huge proponents of travel, our team has much to say about the scents that remind them of the cities they’ve been able to visit. Is there a city that you wish you could travel to right now?


What do the world’s iconic cities smell like?

At a time when our options for travel are limited, scent is an easy way to trigger positive emotions that are reminiscent of the times we could hop on a plane. Beyond historic landmarks or cultural phenomenons that make the world’s most iconic cities so memorable, they embody their own set of exceptionally distinct scents. If you haven’t checked it out yet, our Cities Collection is, in essence, the feeling of adventure, neatly packaged into bottles. Below, we’ve shared the unique scents that we often associate with some of the most traveled to destinations in the world.

What does Vancouver smell like?

Recognized as one of the greener, more sustainable cities in the world - when we think of Vancouver, we think of lush forests and fresh air. Any day of the year you can wander down to the jagged shoreline and look out at a vast body of rippling waves with the wind weaving in and out of your hair. If you love juniper, pine, cedar, ocean water, and sea salt you might love our Vancouver aroma oil.

Vancouver Aroma Oil

What does Tokyo smell like?

This animated yet tranquil city is characterized by the contrast of bright lights, crowds, and city noise and peaceful gardens and tradition. Particularly in the springtime when the cherry trees are in bloom the city awakens your senses, without a sense of stress or overwhelm. If you love notes of yuzu, wasabi, cherry blooms, hinoki wood, and green tea you might love our Tokyo aroma oil.

Tokyo Aroma Oil

What does London smell like?

Another lively city with an architecture built on centuries of fascinating history. Though sometimes thought of as gloomy, not much is better than the comfort of a cozy home, slow-burning fireplace and hint of cigar smoke as you settle into a traditional English-style leather chair. If you love scents of plum brandy, leather, tobacco, cedar, vanilla, and tolu balsam you might love our London aroma oil.

London Aroma Oil

What does New York smell like?

In The Big Apple you’ll be flooded with the smell of freshly brewed coffee or the friendly street vendor roasting caramelized nuts in Central Park. Standing on the cobblestone streets of Soho or fully immersed in the bustle and bright lights of Times Square these uplifting smells match the hustle and bustle of NYC. Look no further than to scents of coffee, chocolate, Bailey’s, almonds, and even sandalwood and try our New York aroma oil.

New York Aroma Oil

What does Moscow smell like?

Often referenced as the heartbeat of Russia, Moscow is both upbeat and vibrant. The city has deep historic and traditional roots, but also a strong affinity for the arts and other creative pursuits. Party-goers step out of luxury cars with leather interiors and into extravagant night clubs with freshly popped bottles being handed around. If you love Champagne, Russian black tea, incense, birch leather, and amber you might love our Moscow aroma oil.

Moscow Aroma Oil

What does Dubai smell like?

The desert heat aside, Dubai exudes luxury, splendor, and wealth. Fully immerse yourself in the opulence and you’ll be pleased to find that you’re overcome by the innovation of new, popping up amongst the traditional. The city’s many souqs rise above the crowds wafting incense and roses through the doors of cool, air-conditioned interiors. If you are drawn to scents like rose, oudh, patchouli, incense, and musk you might live our Dubai aroma oil.

Dubai Aroma Oil

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or have your travelling days ahead of you, everyone - especially now - could benefit from a sweet escape from their familiar and routine surroundings. With this in mind, we curated the Discovery Set - a sampling of the Cities Collection as room sprays that was designed to transform your home into one of many exciting destinations you may crave. You can then pick your favorite aroma oil from the set and use it in your diffuser to unleash a whirlwind of bottled memories and perfumed journeys.

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