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Trick or Treat! Scare Up Some Great Scents This Halloween

Trick or Treat! Scare Up Some Great Scents This Halloween

Halloween is the most fun day of the year for most people – especially the young and the young at heart. A day built on fun, family, and friends, Halloween is a time to decorate, dress up, throw parties, take the kids trick-or-treating, and more. Many people view Halloween as the unofficial start of the holiday season, and for people who love all things autumn, it’s full of excitement and wonder. You can make Halloween-themed crafts, bake all sorts of fall goodies, and carve jack-o-lanterns. Not to mention Halloween is the perfect excuse to go nuts on all things Pumpkin Spice.

This thrilling day of spooky revelry is also the perfect time to embrace essential and aroma oils and use your scent diffuser to create the ambiance you want at your get-together. To help you set the mood, here are some ideas for essential oils to look for in aroma oil blends that are suitable for any All Hallows’ Eve celebration.


Cinnamon was once used for embracing the spirits and these days; it has come to be popular around fall and the holiday season. Its scent is warm, spicy, and revitalizing, and nothing says, “fall celebration” like the scent of cinnamon floating throughout your home.


Frankincense is a classic essential oil often associated with Christmas as one of the gifts brought by the three kings. However, its rich fragrance fits in beautifully with any fall celebration and has even been known to have respiratory benefits.


One of the classic ingredients of pumpkin spice, clove essential oil has a spicy fragrance that blends wonderfully with apples, too. This is another one that is equally at home on Halloween and Christmas. A pungent and strong scent, cloves work very well in blends containing other autumn scents.


Cedarwood has a soft, warm, grounding smell and, traditionally, is believed to have spiritual effects that bring people together. Its soothing and relaxing aroma helps balance out the excitement and scares of Halloween and creates a lovely holiday environment.


The ever-intriguing cypress tree was once valued for its medicinal uses and the fragrant oil it produced. Its scent is fresh, woody, and evergreen, giving it calming and invigorating properties simultaneously. It’s also known for its healthy effects on the respiratory system, making it perfect for use in October to prepare for the cold season.


Galbanum is a lesser-known oil with an earthy aroma. It blends delightfully with citrus aromas and other, lighter scents. Fun fact: Galbanum has been used for thousands of years, and its scent has been described as “the smell of green.”


Mandarin is found in many essential and aroma oils because of its agreeable aroma: sweet, light, and calming. Children and adults alike tend to love the scent of mandarin, making it perfect for a family-friendly Halloween party. It is often used to balance heavier, earthier notes in aroma oil blends.


There are many ways to describe the rich scent of patchouli: dark, earthy, slightly sweet, intoxicating. It is truly a unique and wonderful essential oil with a heavier aroma that’s warming and grounding and perfect for fall and winter. It also has calming properties, so it may help soothe anyone who finds the Halloween festivities stressful.

Fall scents at AromaTech

At AromaTech, we offer a wide variety of essential and aroma oils designed to make your fall celebration perfect – or to enjoy on a lazy day at home. Take your Halloween theme the extra mile with scents such as Pumpkin Spice, Focus 911 Chakra, Apple Pie, or any of our aroma oil blends containing the fun Halloween-friendly scents listed above.

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