Top 5 Scents that Increase Productivity 

Top 5 Scents that Increase Productivity 

Many people know that fragrances can be used to help relax, or create an elegant atmosphere. But what’s less known is that certain scents can even bolster other aspects of our lives: productivity, for example.

Whether at home or at the office, some scents and fragrances have actually been shown to have an enormous effect on productivity. In today’s blog, we’ll dive into the science behind scent and productivity, and also reveal our top 5 scents for increasing productivity.

Studies on Scent and Productivity

What if scent could increase not just your productivity alone, but the quality of your work, or even the work of your staff? A Japanese study conducted by the Taskago corporation set out to find the answer.

In the study, different scents were diffused while researchers measured the accuracy of the corporation’s typists. It turned out that 54% of workers made fewer errors when they could smell lemon, 33% made fewer errors while smelling jasmine, and 20% fewer with lavender.

Another study found that the scent of peppermint can increase memory and awareness. Yet another shows that jasmine can stimulate the nervous system, and even modulate brain wave function.

There hasn’t been enough research to conclusively determine why scent is so effective at bolstering productivity, but it’s likely related to scent’s equally beneficial effects on mood and relaxation. Think about it: most people work better in a relaxed, calm, and uplifted state, as well as in a pleasing atmosphere. Given that scent helps create these effects, is it any wonder that it’s also such a potent productivity booster?

The Top 5 Scents for Productivity

Now that we’re clear on the benefits of scents for productivity, what are the best scents to use to create a more productive atmosphere? Here are some of our favorites:

Lemon / Citrus

Lemon and other citrus aromas are some of the best scents for increasing focus and staving off mental fatigue. In the study cited above, over half of workers made fewer mistakes simply by smelling the scent of lemon. So the next time you’ve got a big project or deadline coming up, don’t be afraid to utilize a quality citrus essential oil. It may be just what you need for increased productivity and work quality. For another refreshing citrus blend, check out our Crushed Lime & Mint aroma oil.


We mentioned above that the productivity benefits of many fragrances are likely connected with their calming effects. Lavender is one of the best oils for creating a relaxed, grounded mood. By eliminating unnecessary stress, you can give your mind more breathing room and bandwidth to tackle the tasks that are actually important, and thus bolster your productivity levels.


The aroma of cinnamon is not only extremely pleasant, but also mildly stimulating. This makes it a perfect choice for staying productive during those infamous crash or burnout periods later on in the day (often after eating lunch, for many people). This warming scent is also an excellent option for the colder weather months or overcast days. For a seasonal scent that incorporates cinnamon, look no further than our Pumpkin Spice oil.


Peppermint can stimulate clear thinking while uplifting your mood. Science is finally catching up to the fact that peppermint can even increase memory and alertness, as shown in this 2008 study.


Feeling lethargic? Jasmine has been shown to stimulate the nervous system. The scent can even modulate brainwave function, indicating that it has a clear effect on mood. This uplifting, stimulating scent may just be the productivity boost you need.

How to Diffuse These Scents for Optimal Productivity

Now that we’ve revealed our top 5 scents for boosting productivity, it’s important to also note that not all methods of diffusion are created equal. Many low quality diffusers on the market either dilute these aromatic oils, or change their chemical structure during the diffusion process.

Our cold-air, nebulizing diffusers maintain the chemical integrity of your fragrance, ensuring the maximum benefit. Our fragrance control technology even allows you to dial in your ideal scent potency.

To learn more about the many benefits of scenting your workspace, check out our brief write up on why businesses should scent.

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