The Connection Between Customers and Emotions

The Connection Between Customers and Emotions

Studies suggest that the more immersive an experience you provide your customers, the longer they will engage. Extended exposure to a particular environment strengthens memorability, so the next time customers need a service or product, your business will come to mind because that brand memory has been connected to multiple senses. Retail behemoths have been using this idea to drive sales for decades, and you probably have, too. An eye-catching display draws the customer over, a “try me” sticker entices browsers to touch and interact with the product, or ambient music relaxes the customer’s grip on their wallets.

Today, the most cutting-edge enterprises are utilizing fragrance to tap into our oldest, strongest, and most emotionally-connected sense. When you add aroma to your customer’s shopping experience, you create a long-lasting emotional connection that brings them back again and again. At AromaTech, we help businesses like yours update your sales strategy by incorporating scent to enhance your customer’s immersive, emotional experience.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t run out and get scented candles, waxes, and sprays and place them next to all your products. The sense of smell is powerful, making emotional connections outside of an individual’s conscious thoughts. It taps into old associations, creating new neurological pathways that link the old association to the new stimulus. Overpower customers with aroma and you risk negatively overwhelming their emotions, too.

To utilize this connection successfully, a business should not aim to beat customers over the head with sharp, complicated, or irrelevant smells. Using scent in this way will be distracting, if not repellant to the customers you want to retain. In fact, we suggest refraining from using multiple fragrances within close proximity to each other, as the combination may be equally counterproductive. Instead, use a light and distinctly separate distribution of strategic aroma to establish an emotional connection with customers.

Scent with Purpose

Using scent to build an emotional connection is not a strategy restricted to retail business. To get involved, start by evaluating your enterprise. Do you sell products in one category that are usually found in one setting (i.e. a farm supply store)? Do you carry a large variety of products? What does your office space look like and how do customers encounter it?

Once you have considered your products and space, consider your purpose. Ask yourself, do you want to keep people alert or calm them down? Using our 100% pure cold-pressed essential oils or our all-natural aroma blends, you can use aroma to promote a mood that encourages any desired behavior. For example, a spa would benefit from relaxing scents such as Calming and Unwind, while our more energetic Sandalwood would work well at a DIY store like Home Depot.

To cultivate an emotional connection with customers through fragrance, you must present your store, featured product, or workspace as something familiar and connected to the customer’s pleasant memories. Smell is so powerful that scent nodes stay connected to our memories without us realizing it. If you can evoke a fond memory through the use of smell, you have made an emotional connection that can be used to strengthen your brand by strongly promoting customer loyalty.

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