The Best Scents for Holiday Cheer

The Best Scents for Holiday Cheer

The festive season is just around the corner, so if you are lacking in the festive spirit department, use scent to give your mood a lift and make your home feel all Christmassy. The good news is that you don’t even need to do any baking!

When you think of Christmas, what scents come to mind? No doubt, pine is top of the list, along with spiced orange, gingerbread, and cinnamon. All of these scents are highly evocative of Christmas, so when you smell them, whatever time of the year it happens to be, your brain immediately plays a happy Christmas-themed slide show. This year, you can get the party off to an early start with some Christmas themed scented oils.

Pine Oil

Pine oil evokes the scent of Christmas trees. It should remind you of that day when you dragged a huge seven-foot tree into the living room and the house smelt like a Scandinavian pine forest for weeks (and pine needles ended up everywhere). A fragrant Christmas tree is great, but if you only have a fake tree, recreate the scent of Christmas with a pine-scented candle or pine oil in a diffuser.


Gingerbread has a strong, sweet aroma. For many people, the scent of gingerbread evokes memories of standing in grandma’s kitchen, watching her make gingerbread for you to decorate on Christmas Eve. Making – and eating – gingerbread is fun, but if you don’t have time this year, use gingerbread scented oil to fill your home with tasty smells.


Cinnamon is a deliciously festive spice. We associate cinnamon with mulled wine and spiced cake. A glass of hot mulled wine is the perfect antidote for a stressful day, but you can also use vanilla scented oils to imbue your home with a warm and inviting fragrance. Add a few drops to a hot oil infuser and welcome your Christmas guests with the spicy smell of vanilla.


There can’t be many people who don’t catch a scent of peppermint and immediately think of peppermint flavored candy canes hanging on the Christmas tree. Peppermint is a classic festive fragrance. You can add scented peppermint oil to a hot oil diffuser or burn peppermint oil candles for a fresh and inviting fragrance in any room.

Chocolate Orange

Orange flavored chocolate is a classic treat at Christmas. Kids love to eat chocolate oranges, as do adults, so a quick and easy way to recreate this classic scent is to use chocolate orange scented oil in your home. The only problem with chocolate orange scented oil is that it will make your mouth water and you may end up experiencing a strong desire to eat copious amounts of chocolate.

Apple Pie

Mom’s apple pie is a classic dish for the festive holiday and Thanksgiving. Buy some apple pie scented oil and give mom a break this year. She probably deserves a rest!

It’s also easy to recreate other holidays with scents. Use birthday cake oil to make every day feel like it’s your birthday or waffle cone scent to invoke that summer vacation feeling.

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