That Awkward Moment Between Pumpkin and Peppermint

That Awkward Moment Between Pumpkin and Peppermint

Between the return of pumpkin spice and the arrival of candy canes and gingerbread houses, something very interesting happens to us. As daylight hours grow noticeably shorter, and many locations prepare for the bi-annual time change, our natural energy cycles take a cue from the sun and run out of steam earlier than we’d like. After a summer of long-lasting daylight, our brains associate darkness with late hours and release chemicals to start the bedding-down cycle. Increasingly, you find yourself yawning uncontrollably on your commute home from work, yet you still have a laundry list of tasks to accomplish before your head can hit the pillow.

AromaTech has you covered with safe, natural, hypoallergenic scent solutions designed to revitalize the senses and rejuvenate the mind. With diffusers for the office, car, home, and even the office, you’ll have the energy you need to keep going while your body and mind make this seasonal adjustment.

Using Scent to Combat Fatigue in the Home

As much as we would like them to, our chores don’t stop just because our brains are taking a while to adjust to seasonal changes. Despite wanting to sleep because it’s gotten dark, bills are still due, the kids must be picked up, and the laundry fairy has yet to pay you a visit. More tired than usual, family members tend to be less productive and maintain shorter fuses for disruptions and challenges.

The home doesn’t have to be a dumping ground for bad days. Make it a haven where your loved ones come to relax and unwind yet still find the motivation to complete their domestic obligations and extracurricular activities.  Rotate between our Energy Boost scent blend to awaken the brain and keep it going, Happy for stress reduction and an uplifted mood, and Hawaiian Tropic as a little reminder of the summer that once was and will be again.

Our extensive line of unique diffusers fit any space in the home, office, and now even in your car. Get the aromatic boost you need in between your errands with the security of our all-natural, family-friendly, and eco-safe product standards.

November Scenting for the Office

At your place of business, seasonal mood shifts can translate into short-tempered customers and afternoon slumps for employees. This isn’t a good combination for any enterprise. Use the same scent strategy you use to finish chores at home to revitalize your office scent program. Make your store a breath of fresh air that keeps clients and team members alert, comfortable, and happy to stay a while.

Our brains are always hungry for new information, and when our minds are working actively, we don’t fall easily into lethargy. If you’re using a cold-air diffuser or one of our ultrasonic diffusers, consider the Inviting & Stimulating scent bundle, a four-bottle collection designed to uplift mood and invigorate the mind. The set includes Grapefruit Vanilla, Sunny Citrus, Fresh Eucalyptus, and Vanilla Cedar Wood Sage, all expertly engineered to keep the mind alert while providing a warm and calming fragrance.

Fall may be a natural season of slump for our bodies and minds, but with help from the right scent distribution in your home and office, you never have to let a seasonal slowdown stand in your way.

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