Surf’s Up this Cyber Monday

Surf’s Up this Cyber Monday

November is known as the start of the festive season, with the weather getting colder, the leaves changing color and the Christmas decorations making its ever-exciting appearance in every store you enter. Thanksgiving is so close you can already smell that aroma of the turkey in the oven ballooned with your dad's famous stuffing, and your mom’s one of a kind pumpkin pie. If the overwhelming amount of food isn’t exciting enough, the day after Thanksgiving is the one and only Black Friday. This is that one day of the year where you stand in line at your favorite shopping destination waiting for midnight when specific stores will open their doors and have sales you cannot resist, and we mean massive deals that you will not see or get your hands on any other day of the year. It’s beyond chaos and worth rushing through those big hordes of crowds. It’s a day everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Regardless, there are ways to get those all so exciting deals without having people stepping on your toes, literally. Skip past the weekend, and you get, Cyber Monday! Surf the internet, find those deals and have them shipped to you instead, but don’t underestimate the time you have available. Get onto your favorite store's website, get ready for the countdown and buy those Christmas presents before they sell out. Sounds pretty exciting we know, and if you are looking for a few gift ideas then take a look at AromaTech. We are probably the only scenting company that sells online cold air diffusion technology products. Eco friendly, 100% natural and we offer free shipping on top of our grand cyber Monday deals, what more could you ask?

The Ideal Gift for Everyone

Cold air scent diffusion technology is the cleanest and safest way to diffuse your essential and aroma oils to get the best out of it. It doesn’t use heat or a fan and evaporation but rather filtered air from your room. This produces an ultra dry micro mist without diluting anything. Not only are they a wonderful way to enhance your oils but they are also made in a range of aesthetically pleasing designs to compliment any home. Find your perfect ambient scent with our unique creations that will give you a memorable environment.

Did you know scent influences 75% of our emotions and has a direct path to the limbic system – a part of the brain connected to your mood and memory? So why wait? Buy one for your mom, your dad, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, friends and even your enemies, because why not with such hard to beat cyber Monday deals. Our product is ideal for anyone who likes to breathe in a pleasant aroma filled space.

Holiday Scents to Get In the Mood

You can’t have a cold diffuser without a few scents to get it going. When you shop on our website, you will find a few festive holiday scents that will put you in the jolly mood meant for the season. Our holiday spice scent provides a warm and inviting aroma with a spicy appeal that smells like Christmas. What is the holiday season without a little pumpkin spice? Everything is flavored from family recipe pies to pumpkin spiced lattes, and now you can order an aroma too. The perfect scent to cozy up around a warm fire, while taking in the smell of pumpkin, delicately blended with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. It’s all the ingredients to complement the crisp air and changing leaves.

No matter what scent or diffuser you choose from you are sure to be successful in giving everyone a Christmas gift they will love when you shop on November 25 – Cyber Monday.

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