Scents for Sales: How Scent Marketing Can Be Used to Sell Your Home

Scents for Sales: How Scent Marketing Can Be Used to Sell Your Home

When it’s time to sell your home, you want the sale to close at the highest possible value. How a home smells can make or break a sale. Lingering scents that you have grown nose-bind to are readily picked up by prospective buyers and can leave a negative impression on them while they make purchasing decisions.

Our olfactory sense, the sense of smell, is believed to be the first sense that humans develop. Located in the very back of our noses, the olfactory epithelium catches scents in its receptor cells—specialized neurons that transmit the scent profile to your brain. Our sense of smell can decipher between about 10,000 scents.

The Science of Using Scent to Drive Sales

Your sense of smell connects directly to your brain’s memory and emotional centers. That’s why the smell of warm cookies may remind you of childhood. Our brain’s scent memory compels us to revisit a pleasant experience or avoid what is unpleasant. Aromatherapy, popular since the 90s, demonstrates how scents can alter mood and mental states.

Retailers have been using scent marketing, the deliberate and strategic use of fragrance to drive consumer behavior and sales for years. When you go into a movie theater, you only smell popcorn despite the other food options available. The same goes for Starbucks. Many stores you frequent have distinctive smells that you have subconsciously paired with that retailer. Abercrombie and Finch are well known for their signature fragrance that permeates each store. Scent diffusers hidden in the air ducts deliver an even and consistent fragrance throughout their storefronts.

More subtle examples include background scents like the smell of fresh cut wood that permeates hardware stores such as Lowes. While we have come to expect that rugged DIY aroma, take a second next time to notice a lack of wood actually cut in-store.

Many realtors are turning to the science of scent marketing to drive home sales. If you would like to use the power of scent to sell your home, there are a few tips to consider and avenues to explore.

Using Scents to Sell Your Home

AromaTech offers practical solutions for using smell to sell your home. We have a vast range of scents designed for marketing and sales. We provide individuals like yourself with opportunities to using scent the way big retailers do without having to install a new ventilation system throughout your house. We carry discreet diffusers such as Aromini Delux or the Air Steam Single that spread wonderful fragrance nodes throughout your house. Use our diffusers to make the sale, then take the diffuser with you to enjoy in your new home!

When selecting a scent, remember that fragrances can become overpowering, quickly. An overpowering smell distracts from your home and can turn potential buyers away. The magic of scent marketing is that it is a background device used to tie an experience together. Now isn’t the time for flashy fragrances, and it would be a mistake to make a scent selection based on personal fragrance preferences alone.

When choosing a scent profile for your open house, avoid complex scents or profiles that switch from room to room. Studies are showing that the most successful scents for home sales are simple one-note fragrances that highlight calm cleanliness. Scents that close sales are citrus, herbs, pine, and cedar. If you are looking for a sweet kick, try vanilla or cinnamon.

Always consider the location of your home when selecting a scent. Our olfactory sense is quick to pick up when smells don’t match. A strong scent of pine for your metropolis penthouse is probably not going to resonate. Worse, it may make the prospective buyer wonder what unpleasant smell you are trying to masque.

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