Scenting-- It’s Not Just for Retail! Using Scent in the Office 

For the last few months, we’ve been telling you all about the revolutionary tactic of using scent as a marketing tool in the retail workspace. We've given you countless real-world examples of businesses large and small carefully selecting scents that compel people to buy, and how to create signature scents that strengthen branding and customer loyalty.  

As riveting as the science has been, not everyone works in retail. You may begin to think scent isn’t an effective tool for your company. The same scent science that is being used to drive sales, however, can be used to promote an ideal work environment for any industry or enclosed professional setting. Crafty use of scent in the office environment can reduce stress, boost productivity, increase mood, and delay fatigue. Here’s how.

How Scent in the Office Can Boost Mood and Productivity 

The office can be a fast-paced environment in which workers must be skilled at adapting to change. Frequent pivots, large workloads, personality clashes, and absenteeism all put stress on your workforce. A stressful workplace lowers energy and decreases morale. Employees tend to mirror moods that they detect in fellow employees or in their superiors. When morale is low, whether due to office tensions or seasonal demands, productivity plummets.  

While you may notice negative mood patterns developing in your office, they are not inevitable. Regardless of the difficulty or intensity of the workload, scent can be used to promote a sense of calm which reduces stress. In fact, utilizing aromatherapy in the office is an excellent way to promote productivity. Use an uplifting scent and your employees will feel more positive, encouraged, and motivated, making it far easier for your company to reach deadlines by pushing through that after-lunch slump.  

Choosing Scents to Decrease Fatigue 

Aromatherapy alters mood through scent’s powerful connection to the brain. AromaTech uses 100% pure essential oils and all-natural aroma oils in blends that promote an ideal office environment. We suggest using some of our carefully-constructed aromatic blends with our discrete diffusers to energize your office.  

Try Calming (a blend including sunflower, lavender, rosemary, cedar wood, and orange), which is intended to reduce stress. Or, try Renew (a blend including lime, grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon) to boost mental alertness. You may even want to try Calming in the morning and Renew after lunch! If blends aren’t your preference, there are singular essential oils with stress-reducing anti-fatigue benefits. Add peppermint, citrus, cinnamon, and jasmine to your office’s rotation of scents for variety and to avoid nose-blindness: when we smell a scent for too long, our brain stops processing the smell altogether and the effects are lost.  

Scent is used as a background ambient device in the retail space. Scent in the office should not be overbearing. Overuse of scents, even the correct ones, becomes distracting to the worker and undermines your productivity goal. Find the right blend between sensory enjoyment and subtlety and you’re on your way to a more encouraged and productive workspace!  

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