Ready for Winter? Get These 5 Essential Oil Blends in Your Scent Machine to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Ready for Winter? Get These 5 Essential Oil Blends in Your Scent Machine to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Winter comes along with a variety of associated colors, images, and even smells. Red, green, and winter blues line the aisles of every major store, while holiday lights, Santa decorations, and snowmen star in nearly every winter decoration. Scent also plays a huge role in the season, from earthy pines and cedars to warm cinnamon and freshly baked cookies.

Scent is a major trigger that we recognize as an indication of a new season. Think of the crisp smell of fall leaves, bonfires, and even the beloved pumpkin spice that surround us every autumn. Winter has its own scents that can help put us into the holiday spirit. Ever wonder why scents have such a strong effect on our feelings?

The truth is, we tend to associate scents with nostalgic or specific moments. The smell of your first real Christmas tree is conjured when you inhale the scent of pine. The memory of your favorite holiday dinner is recalled when you smell freshly baked sugar cookies or cinnamon.

One of the most effective ways to add helpful scents to your day is through the use of pure essential oil blends and a scent machine. The oils add the aromas you want, while the scent machines work to distribute the scents into the air. You’ll want to be sure you’re using a high quality oil to get the best benefits, like the ones offered in our online store

Scent is extremely powerful and can help our moods shift by promoting happy holiday memories. If you're finding it hard to get into the holiday spirit or if you simply can't get enough of all of the season's festivities, these five amazing winter essential oil blends for your scent machines will have you feeling merry and bright.

  1. Winter Pine – this is one of the best earthy, green scented essential oil blends and it will have you thinking merrily of freshly cut Christmas trees strung with your favorite ornaments and tinsel.
  2. Ginger Bread – nothing screams winter quite like this incredible treat. From gingerbread lattes to gingerbread cookies and cakes, this spicy, yet sweet scent will have you looking forward to your next holiday party or festive activity.
  3. Peppermint – this classic holiday associated smell is perfect for your scent machine. You’ll have candy canes on your mind after inhaling this soothing oil.
  4. Vanilla Bourbon – with a hint of a popular baking ingredient and a soothing, warming liquor, this essential oil will have you ready to cozy up by a nice warm fire.
  5. Holiday Spice – this slightly sweet, almost earthy, stunningly familiar scent will have you dreaming fondly of opening presents and baking Christmas treats.

Stop being a Grinch and transform your home into your very own cozy, winter wonderland with your favorite winter inspired scent, today. You’ll find you’ll be looking forward to the upcoming holidays and feeling even more optimistic about the new year.

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