Multi-Functional Scenting for Every Room of Your Home

Multi-Functional Scenting for Every Room of Your Home

Getting excited about a new practice is natural. When people first discover the power and pleasure of home scenting through aromatic oils, the first impulse is to stock up. However, when the chosen scents don’t blend well, it can be difficult to determine which scent to use and when.

Whole house scent diffusion is a wonderful way to keep your home smelling fresh or to promote physical states such as alertness, tranquility, happiness, and even easier breathing. Additionally, homes with signature scents create their own sense of familiarity that welcomes residents and guests.

In recent years, the ancient practices of Aromatherapy has regained mainstream attention. More people are turning to essential oil and functional aromatic oil blends for their home and workplace scenting needs. In addition to a pleasant fragrance, the essential oils used in these scent blends provide functional support for physical and mental wellness based on the wisdom of aromatherapy. You can use these time-tested oils to support mind-body wellness by selecting a different and strategic scent profile for each room of your home.

What is Functional Scenting?

Before we had conventional medicine, people still got sick. The healers of the time used the condensed oils of natural materials as remedies. Over time different remedies were attributed to specific oils. You’ve likely heard that peppermint is good for headaches, or that eucalyptus helps with sinus congestion and respiratory ailments. These all-natural remedies were discovered through aromatherapy.

You may be wondering how raw materials that don’t have an unusually high liquid content produce oils. First, it takes a lot of the material to produce a small amount of oil. Second, while many methods have been used, cold-press extraction is best for maintaining the quality and potency of the oil. Heat-based extraction, while faster, degrades the raw material.

The oil produced by the extraction process is the essence of the raw material and contain all its inherent properties. Extremely concentrated, a single drop of rose, takes 60 roses to make, while a drop of peppermint is equivalent to roughly 30 cups of tea. The oil’s molecules are so small that they can pass through cellular membranes and enter the body. Inhalation, likewise, introduces the oil into the body system.

These oils can be used for pleasure or function, and you can mix them without losing the beneficial properties of any one oil. Many begin with pre-blended fragrance earmarked for the desired purpose, then grow creative blending their combinations at varying concentrations. Some enjoy preparing custom blends per use, while others mix larger batches for long-term use. There is no right or wrong!

Some households, however, don’t want the whole house to smell like one thing. Perhaps doing so would bother a resident, or work in contrast to the task conducted. For example, it may be helpful to have Pure Energy going at night when you’re working late and need a boost but isn’t useful to get the kids to calm down and get ready for bed. In this case, you’d want to keep the scent contained.

A Functional Scent for Every Room

Particularly when you’re scenting for function, containing scent to smaller spaces is more beneficial than blanketing the house in a revolving set of fragrances. In fact, a different scent for every room may provide the most benefit and pleasure to your whole family. Start by thinking of the use of each room.

Fresh and clean scents and odor eliminating blends are ideal in the bathroom and laundry area where odors are most unpleasant. Try a crisp citrus-dominant scent such as Lemon Balm or Pure Odor Eliminator. These blends provide a natural clean fragrance without the chemicals of conventional cleaners. The blend’s complimentary notes create an aroma that is complex and pleasing rather than the single-note tartness of lemon-scented deodorizers.

Contrastingly, a kitchen scent must not overpower wonderful cooking and baking fragrances. Food-influenced aroma oils are the intuitive go-to, but one should be careful to select one that won’t clash with your cooking habits or grow too fragrant after long periods of diffusion. Variety might be most important in the kitchen for this reason. Few people always want to smell cinnamon buns, cookies, or even coffee every time they walk into the kitchen. Earmarking a few light scents as well as classic warm treats such as Cinnamon Bun, Waffle Cone, and Fresh Baked Bread will create a balanced rotation for this heavily-used room.

Bedrooms are a blank canvas; the possibilities are endless. Choose a scent that is pleasing to the inhabitant. Add to that smell with functional notes that energize, such as Pure Energy, or help wind down, like Bedtime, depending on the day and time’s needs. Because the oils’ benefits are not lost when blended, you can get the smell you want with the functional mind-state desired.

When it comes to living rooms, such as the bedrooms, you can blend a warm and welcoming scent that invites guests with functional smells meant to support tasks and moods. You can combine Dark Vanilla with a little bit of Focus when it’s time for homework, then Tranquility as the day ends. With blending, your nose’s preferences are the limit.

Not only do you get the best selection of fragrance from AromaTech, you get peace of mind knowing your home is scented with quality oils that are always hypoallergenic and safe around pets. We never use any of those additives that dilute the oil and are committed to responsible and sustainable resourcing. Our therapeutic grade oils are potent, long-lasting, and don’t leave build-up in your diffuser. Our cutting-edge scent engineers craft beautiful blends for balance and pleasure.

Top-Quality Oils Deserve the Best Diffusion Systems

Don’t waste quality oil on a low-quality diffusion system. Our diffusers have been designed for style and function with models that are free-standing, wall-mounted, and AC-installed. They work silently to distribute an invisible mist throughout the desired space at times of your programmable choosing.

The AroMini, available in standard and Bluetooth-enabled, is a free-standing unit that tucks nicely into any room of the house. Intended for single room use, it’s the ideal choice for multi-scent full-house diffusion. Easy to use front-facing access to the scent compartment allows for frequent changes to the scent. This unit can be remotely operated via remote or Bluetooth to adjust many settings including timer and scent intensity.

Busy families spend so much time in their car that it’s another room in the house. Enjoy our quality scents on the go with Drive, a diffusion system for your car’s air vent. With the same quality and commitments as our bottled oils, calm the nerves that come with traffic with a calming scent.

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