Improve Your Sleep with High Quality Aroma Oils from AromaTech

Improve Your Sleep with High Quality Aroma Oils from AromaTech

In today’s fast moving world, slowing down can be difficult to manage. Many of us work in high-stress industries, have more than one job or multiple tasks to handle daily, and between work and family life, find it difficult to get some sleep at the end of a very long day.

Some people browse the internet or Facebook on their phones or laptops to help them decompress at night. However, this is probably one of the worst ways to wind down, since there’s so much information, imagery, and video coming our way. It can instead cause our bodies more stress and make getting some shut eye difficult.

Sleep Problems in a Tech-Driven World

Because of our addiction to technology, many Americans find it impossible to keep a regular sleep schedule or to even fall asleep at night. When we can’t sleep, we turn back to technology and screens to help us relax. It’s a vicious cycle.

Luckily, there are some natural and proven ways to help your body relax enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. One of the most interesting methods of ensuring a better night’s sleep is through the power of scent.

Scent can manipulate our emotions and, when used correctly, can mellow us, and help us destress and unwind. One of the easiest ways to add scent to your bedtime routine is by using aroma oils in a cold air diffusion system. Cold air diffusers safely distribute scent around your room without the need of a flame.

The Best Aroma Oil Scents to Encourage Sleep and Relaxation

Of course, this remedy only works if you find the right scents to coax you off to dreamland. Lavender, one of the most notable scents for promoting relaxation and sleep, is ideal to help you doze off after a particularly stressful night. Our 100% Pure Essential Lavender Oil or our Lavender Forest, Lavender Linen, and Lavender Vanilla aroma oil blends are perfect to use in your bedroom at night.

Jasmine is another scent that is often helpful in calming the body. You’ll feel as though you’re indulging in a luxurious, warm cup of jasmine tea with our incredible Jasmine aroma oil.

If you aren’t into floral scents, don’t worry, there are plenty of other options. Bergamot Orange, for instance, is a bright, uplifting, citrus scent that somehow manages to help you relax and unwind. Cedarwood is another fantastic scent for helping to soothe your body as you try to get some rest. You can even mix and match these scents to create your own signature aroma oils.

Be sure to get the best coverage of your aroma oils with our top notch diffusers, such as the AromaCube or AromaCasa Ultrasonic Home Diffuser, both of which are perfect for bedrooms and small spaces. You can look at larger diffusers for covering multiple rooms or purchase a few smaller diffusers to handle each of the bedrooms in your home.

Get great sleep again with AromaTech.

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