How Using The AromaCruise Can Help You Stay Calm While Driving

How Using The AromaCruise Can Help You Stay Calm While Driving

Almost everyone is familiar with the classic ‘new car smell’ of a factory-fresh vehicle. For many, this scent evokes either feelings of nostalgia or excitement at the prospect of trying out a new set of wheels. Yet, this is only one small example of the many ways that scent can have an influential effect on how we feel while we drive.

For example, did you know that research has shown that the smell of garbage or food that has gone bad is more likely to induce road rage? Because scent is tied to a primal area of the brain that processes both memories and basic emotions, it is not surprising that unpleasant odors could also make us more unpleasant drivers. On the flip side, calming scents such as vanilla or pine may be able to help you stay calm while driving and have a far more enjoyable experience, even during rush hour.

For the latest innovation in car scenting, be sure to check out AromaTech’s AromaCruise car air freshener, a compact and all-natural essential oil diffuser for your vehicle that uses your car’s vent to propel scent throughout the cabin space. Using this air freshener is simple, and takes only seconds to install. Once you have unboxed your AromaCruise, getting started is as easy as clipping the unit to the air vent and sliding the panel to adjust the level of scent. With our dry refill system, there is no risk of spilling or making a mess while you install (or when driving on an uneven road). Within moments of turning on your vent, your car will be filled with just the right amount of scent to help you remain calm no matter where you are.

You can purchase the AromaCruise in one of four pleasing scents—Cherry Almond, Vanilla, Ocean or Pomegranate Plum. While any of these can have a relaxing effect, for the ultimate in-car Zen, consider installing either the Vanilla or Ocean scents to help you stay calm while driving. Both scents are likely to promote feelings of tranquility and well-being and are also great for helping passengers stay calm. Each scent is long-lasting and made using only all-natural essential oils, never synthetic, making them more eco-friendly than some other car scenting diffusers on the market. The refill units are recyclable, meaning you can also feel better about reducing waste while you scent.

To further enhance your sense of calm while behind the wheel, our scent blends include Odoraxe, a malodor technology scientifically formulated to help eliminate bad scents, including those that could foul your mood or cause you to drive more aggressively, as mentioned above. Best of all, the Drive car air freshener is completely safe, simple, and effective to use in all vehicles. Using this air freshener could be just what you need to help get you through your long commute or your next family road trip!

For more information on the Drive car air freshener, be sure to view the complete product description here, or view our informative videos.

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