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How to Use AromaTech’s AromaCube Diffuser

How to Use AromaTech’s AromaCube Diffuser

Whether it’s kids, pets, or other family members, there is always someone in the family ready to accidentally knock over a carefully-placed candle or ceramic wax warmer. While scents can be a wonderful way to change the mood of a home or office space, it can be challenging to find a scent solution that doesn’t involve extremely fragile component parts.

It can be devastating to lose a favorite scent to a clumsy gesture or wagging tail. Not only that, but many scent solutions like wax warmers contain synthetic ingredients that might not add any wellness benefits to a family or office environment. The solution is right under your nose: our AromaCube diffuser, which is as easy to use as it is to purchase.

Effective Aromatherapy in a Tiny Package

The AromaCube diffuser is your discrete, compact, no-mess solution for aromatherapy in the home or office. In addition to being durable, the AromaCube diffuser is simple to use. The cube stores oils in a secured compartment inaccessible to inquisitive children and curious pets. Open the AromaCube’s drawer and place one of the cotton pads inside. Then, add about eight drops of your preferred AromaTech essential oil or aromatic oil blend specially crafted for the mood experience you desire. Close the drawer and enjoy two hours of delightful aromatic bliss.

After two hours, the cube shuts off automatically, ensuring that scents do not overstimulate inhabitants or overwhelm your senses. It’s easy for a single scent to become so familiar that family members or co-workers no longer feel its benefits, so the best therapeutic results are achieved through a rotation of desired fragrances.

All-Natural, Family-Friendly Fragrance with a Purpose

Our AromaCube is the market’s best value for the size, price, and power. The cube needs two AA batteries, or you can purchase a power cord. As always, our diffusible scents are made from all-natural ingredients that are eco- and pet-friendly, making using our AromaCube completely safe in your home. Its size and portability also make it an ideal professional accessory; your coworkers won’t be able to place why they feel so uplifted walking into your office!

We have diffusible scents in aromatic blends and single oil fragrances. Energizing, Renew, and Revitalizing are uplifting scents that boost energy and clear the mind, making them particularly helpful while working. Calming, Bedtime, and Serenity reduce stress and promote sleep, ideal for unwinding at home and setting a tranquil atmosphere. Our blends are simply named for the effect the oil produces, saving you from taking a course in aromatherapy just to understand its benefits and oil combinations.

For those who want to use simplified scents in the AromaCube, our single fragrance oils are effective without being overbearing. Peppermint, lavender, cedarwood, lemon, and cinnamon are single-oil scents that have a wide range of aromatherapy benefits. As always, the best use of scent in any area utilizes fragrance lightly, more a suggestion than a bold statement. Find your signature combinations today, and effortlessly bring them to life with the AromaCube.

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