How Does that Aroma Make You Feel?

How Does that Aroma Make You Feel?

Do you feel like you’re not as happy as you could be, even though your life is pretty good? Do you often find small, menial things bring you down, even when you know they aren’t important? In today’s world of instant gratification and technology addictions, being happy can be a real struggle. We’re constantly bombarded with images of people who appear happier than we are, and often get blue over tiny matters.

Due to this massive problem, many people are seeking alternative ways to adjust their moods. Finding healthy, natural ways to boost our moods are great methods for living happier, fuller lives. One easy and foolproof way to help give your mood a slight boost is through scent.

That’s right – scent can actually transform your mood. Scent is one of the most powerful senses we have, although we tend to take it for granted. However, the key to a happier life might actually be sitting right between your eyes.

What Types of Scents Actually Improve Moods?

Of course, knowing that scent can alter mood doesn’t fully assist in boosting your happiness. First, you need to know which scents offer these positive benefits. While there are individual scents that might boost moods (because they’re tied to happy memories), there are some universal scents that have been proven to have mood-boosting benefits.

Here are a few of the scents linked to improving happiness:

  • Pine – What do you think of when you smell pine? That’s right – Christmas! Pine trees are linked to this festive holiday and often promote a merrier outlook on life. It’s also linked to outdoors and nature and has been shown to decrease feelings of anxiety or depression.
  • Citrus – Scents like lemon, lime, and orange have been found to instantly pick up your spirits. Not only do these smells increase happiness, but they can also actually boost your energy, which leads again to more feelings of positivity. Citrus scents also are associated with feelings of cleanliness – a feeling we often link with happiness.
  • Fresh Cut Grass – This one might seem a little weird, but this smell has been shown to really improve moods and even battle mental illnesses and decline as you grow older. While you might not enjoy cutting the grass, everyone enjoys the look and smell of a freshly cut lawn.
  • Peppermint – Is there anything peppermint doesn’t cure? Not only does it taste great, but it also smells fantastic. Similar to pine, peppermint can also be linked to the holidays, which might be responsible for some of its mood-lifting Peppermint also promotes better breathing and mental stimulation, which in turn, makes us happier.
  • Rosemary – This herb can also increase feelings of happiness. It’s also linked closely to memory and could help you remember some of your favorite Rosemary also has been tied to increased brain power and functioning.

Surround yourself with happy scents to improve your mood. You’ll find all of these scents and many others in our onlineshop.

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