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Follow Your Nose to Elevate Mood and Increase Profits

Follow Your Nose to Elevate Mood and Increase Profits

Our human sense of smell is a fascinating primitive attribute that has served us well for thousands of years. Known as the most enigmatic of the senses, the olfactory system has been linked to strong attributes of our survival and behavior.

The fact that humans can differentiate thousands of distinctive smells is just one reason to learn how to use the power of smell to your advantage, in business or within your own home.

How Scent Impacts Consumer Spending

Savvy businesses have figured out how scent impacts consumer behavior. When a consumer’s sense of smell is heightened, the smell is included in the memory of the shopping experience. Studies show that a person will thereafter recall that smell and location and associate it positively with the product they were shopping for.

The true power of scent is harnessed by companies that invest in products and marketing research to ensure that their stores emote a smell conducive to a positive customer experience. Hotels are known for sending unique scents through the central HVAC system so their guests forever equate that pleasing smell with the hotel brand.

Well-known retailers use specific scents to encourage customers to meander in their stores for longer periods of time, with the hope of increasing the likelihood of a purchase. Our sense of smell is so powerful that it is constantly impacting our shopping habits and spending choices.

How to Use a Scent Machine to Make an Impact

The easiest way to rapidly take advantage of scent marketing or employ effective scent management in your home is to invest in a scent machine. There are many scent machines on the market, so the key to finding one that works for your business or lifestyle is to find a scent machine manufacturer with a passion for creating an easy-to-use, safe, and effective product.

Our patented cold air technology has enabled us to design scent machines that function without excessive spraying, releasing just the appropriate amount of scent and creating the desired ambiance in your space with minimal hassle. We offer machines that are portable, utilize a wall mount, or are geared for use in a residential or commercial HVAC system.

We provide a host of healthful and wonderful-smelling essential oils, each created with the highest quality ingredients. Each of our products is certified vegan, non-GMO, hypo-allergenic, and safe for pets and children. Our home diffusers and scent machines are created using 100% recyclable materials, each originating from renewable resources.

Get creative with our variety of essentials oils that may be combined or used alone to encourage a response and temper the ambiance of your space. With the right scent machine, you can turn any home, office, or retail outlet into a haven of great smells and positive experiences.

Our multifunctional scent machines are easy to operate and are perfect for both small and large areas. We have units that offer time-saving features such as programmable timers which enable you to set the scent machine and safely go about your daily schedule.

Scenting is a driving force behind consumer behavior, and the power of scent can enhance health and improve moods. By capitalizing on the mysteriously powerful human sense of smell, you can increase your profit margin, improve your home or office experience, and significantly influence your mood.


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