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Essential Oils for the Flu

Essential Oils for the Flu

Essential Oils for the Flu

If you’re unlucky enough to contract the flu, you are looking at days of misery and weeks of painful, annoying coughs. You search for relief from over-the-counter medicines but they leave you drowsy and out-of-sorts. Worst-case scenario, you end up seeking treatment from a doctor or hospital for secondary infections that require prescription drugs. Wouldn’t it be great if there were alternatives that promote natural recovery without polluting your body with synthetic substances?

You’re ready to discover alternatives that help ease your flu symptoms naturally— and all you have to do is inhale to receive the special qualities of essential oils for the flu.

Plan Ahead with Diffusers

Before cold and flu season begins, you should stock up on essential oils for the flu and diffusers. Having everything on hand allows you to start aromatherapy early, helping you to relieve flu symptoms and rest more comfortably.

Start with a diffuser that will adequately deploy essential oils for the flu into the air around you. The AromaTech AroMini BT is the perfect size for most bedrooms, which often turn into infirmaries during flu season. If you prefer to convalesce on the sofa, the AromaPro will disperse essential oils for the flu throughout your great room so that you still benefit from their therapeutic properties even while making a cup of tea.

Stock up on Essential Oils That Make a Difference

With your diffusers set up, it’s time to choose the oils that will provide the most benefits. Essential oils offer different benefits, so start by considering the symptoms that plague you the most:stuffy head, fever and chills, and coughs are the most common.

Diffusing eucalyptus oil throughout your space not only helps to clear your nasal passages but also may lower your fever and help your body to fight the virus that has taken up residence. It may even kill virus spores on surfaces that have resulted from your coughing and sneezing.

AromaTech combines eucalyptus and peppermint in a Breathe Easy formula that helps you to breathe, reduces throat irritations, and even helps to quiet coughs. It also deodorizes the air so that other family members and visitors to your sick bed aren’t assaulted by the things that you can’t smell properly during your illness. Along with opening your air passages, the Breathe Easy formula will help you to relax and find focus so you can fully enjoy binge-watching a television show while you rest and recover.

Other Beneficial Oils

As a preventative measure, diffuse AromaTech’s Cinnamon blend combined with clove. Clove oil contains antiviral properties that clean the air and surfaces to prevent the spread of viruses. If you’re plagued by sinus headaches, try the Lavender blend, which combines lavender, clove, and camphor to open sinuses and reduce painful headaches. This soothing blend allows you to relax for faster healing.

Overall Benefits

Inhaling essential oils for the flu in a microscopic state allows the beneficial qualities to penetrate your body and provide relief from colds and flu symptoms. With some oils containing anti-viral properties, you can help to limit the spread of illness to other family members. Essential oils for the flu can help you to pursue flu recovery that goes beyond medications and antibiotics to help conquer the nasty virus that is trying to claim your body.

While essential oils for the flu may help alleviate your symptoms, if your symptoms do become severe, always seek medical attention. When you get home, mindfully continue with your aromatherapy alongside any medications that you’ve been prescribed and sprint down the path of recovery.

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